Step 5: Now for the Flour

I usually start by mixing 2 cups of whole wheat flour with the broth mixture. It wil turn into a gooey glop! Keep adding flour in half-cup increments until you have a firm but sticky ball of dough. If you use too much flour just add a little warm water.
<p>I've been wanting to make some homemade treats for the dogs.... I'll give this one a try.</p>
I used your recipe today to make some biscuits for my pup- they came out lovely and he loves them! The only things I changed was that I reduced the cooking time by 15 minutes and added 2 tblspns of smooth peanut butter. Will be using your recipe again in the future! Thanks ☺️
In the case of honey or brown sugar, I would recommend honey. Sugar isn't too healthy for dogs, and could cause problems for them later on. Honey on the other hand, is still sugar but is a natural sweetener, and isn't pure sugar.
THanks I will be trying these
do u have any other treats u make
how long will these cookies keep?
As long as they are baked until hard I'd say they would last quite a while. We keep them in a tupperware container and they have lasted two weeks without problems. Can't say if they'd last longer, because they all disappear by that time! FWIW, these are the only &quot;dog cookies&quot; we give our pack. We got lazy a few months ago and bought some Snaps at the store and our dogs actually acted disappointed! Every other Sunday is baking day now.
&nbsp;Your dogs surely LOVE you!<br /> <br /> Great ible<br />

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