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Just a quick way for your dogs to let you know when they have to go out.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need a pair of sharp scissors, eight or so jingle bells and about three feet of string.

Step 2: Put It Together

Start by tying the jingle bells onto the string about an inch to two inches apart. I tied four on one end. Now do the same for the other end of the string. Sorry for the blurry picture, camera phone.

Step 3: Measuring Up.

Take your newly tied jingle bells over to the door. Hold them up to about nose height of your dog. You don't want it to have to jump up and scratch your door. Pinch the string with your fingers holding the correct length. Then tie it in a knot. Hang it over the door knob to check the length. If all is well tie a knot a couple of inches below the first knot so it can slip back over the knob.

If you have a new puppy, just jingle the bells every time you take them out. Before long you will hear the soft jingle when they ring for you on their own. Nothing is more satisfying than not cleaning up a mess. You'll be happier and so will they.

You can just make out where my dog had begun scratching to get out. Thankfully no more of that.



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    this is a great idea. however, i have cats. cats are much more evil. they would be ringing the bell at 3.00am, with no intention of going out. but once i was up they'd say 'well you're here, you may as well feed me anyway"! i love them, but sometimes they drive me nuts.

    My mother had a cat that used the bells that were already there as a door alarm. If the bells were out of reach at night he would dump books on her from a bookcase on the wall. LOL

    my dogs loved to do the ol "ring the bell at 3 am" trick too. we put a hook on the door so we can hang the bells out of their reach at night!

    You're right, definitely not an option for cats. They would just use it as a toy. Frustrating...

    When I saw the first picture I thought it was my dog, your's looks just like my jack russel but a bit younger, and skinnier :)

    I used this to teach my dog Bonnie to ask to go out. I took hold of her foot and hit the bells--it didn't take her long to do it on her own. Then when I brought another dog to live with us, he learned it by watching her. The only difference was Bairie hit the bells with his nose--pretty smart, huh? I now have a 3rd one named Greta, and they have a doggie door, thank goodness; the bells would have kept me too busy!

    This did not work for our Shitzu, but I'm sure it will work for dogs with a whole brain.

    When i was a kid we had a shih tzu that used to ring a bell like this to go out. He was really good though. Eventually the string broke and he would just come get us when he really had to go. Now I have a rat terrier/ JRT mix. I love him but he isn't as bright as gizmo was. (i know doesn't seem right)

    I have 2 JRT's. a boy, Wishbone(tan markings) and a girl, The Lady Feisty Diva (black markings). They are smarter than their owner. I'm going to try the bells. Great idea!!!