In this instructable, I will describe how you can make a t-shirt for your dog out of an old human-sized tee.

Step 1: Materials

The first thing you'll need to do is gather your materials. You will need the following:
old t-shirt
pair of scissors
sewing tape measure
fabric glue
Sharpie for marking cuts (not pictured)
needle and thread (optional)
sew-on velcro (optional)

When choosing a t-shirt, it is best to pick one that has a neck roughly the same size as your dog's. That way, you won't have to deal with cutting the neck down to fit or worry about cutting off Fido's air supply.
<p>Great idea! Our dogs normally don't wear clothes, but one is a lab-golden and the other a terrier mix. The terrier is definitely a warm-country dog, and we live in the cold north. I think she'll love this. The reason I searched for a doggie t-shirt though, is that our lab-golden had a lump removed (they're very lumpy dogs). The vet recommended a t-shirt to keep him from licking the wound. Much more comfortable for him than a &quot;cone of shame.&quot; Our old Ts don't fit very well out-of-the-box. I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks!</p>
<p>this is the best idea for pets my dog looks sooooo cute!</p>
<p>I'd like to make some of these for my dog. It takes minute for her to get used to wearing something, but then she just ignores it. </p><p>Benefits of clothes:</p><p>~She gets more attention on walks, and she freakin LOVES people.(seriously, we went to a parade&amp;festival and she didn't tire of the pettings of 300+ people)</p><p>~She has allergies and her scratching makes her more itchy as well as making her look like she has mange or something, which gets her less pettings(see point above)</p><p>~It increases my time spent with and for her, which makes me feel closer to her and vice versa</p><p>~My fave shirts that don't fit me anymore or have little holes can go to her!</p><p>~She gets treats before and after she gets clothes put on</p><p>Cons from clothes:</p><p>~She looks at me like I'm crazy for like 30-60 seconds before being totally fine</p><p>~I have to take the time to make them, and she has a weird shape so I mess up a lot</p>
<p>I love it....not sure Dakota my dog would find it interesting though!</p>
Nice dog))<br>
Of course you realize your dog already has a coat of very effective hair that make sweaters and shirts sort of redundant (except for the advertising value).
Yeah, but... He <em>likes</em> wearing clothes.<br/>
I have to agree, for pugs anyway I know they LOVE to dress up. I have three pugs and they all jump around and nearly jump out of themselves with excitement when I get out their dress-up outfits. That's why there are so many costume contests at our rescue events. Its very hard to find clothes for them as they are broad chested :)
Did you ask him if he <em>likes</em> it or something, or is that just an assumption? I personally think it's cruel to put animals in clothes, and like dchall8 said, it's redundant. <br/>
i agree with edsobo my dogs both get excited when i grab a shirt for them to wear
It's not an assumption at all. It's based on the fact that he goes over to his toy box, selects a shirt that he wants to wear and brings it over to us to put on him. Nothing cruel about it.
O.K. so you don't like your dog to were close. But I too have a small dog with very to no hair. And even in the summer she gets cold. I will say go get your sweater and she will. Going for a walk all I say you want to go for a walk and she will go get her jacket or jogging suit; she also has a winter coat . At bed time I say bed time and she gets her P.J.'s At Christmas time she also gets a stocking and gift's from Santa. Oh! right she also has winter boats to protect her little feet from the salt the we (people) put out to melt ice and then it gets between the toe's and it hurts my baby girl.But this is my dog we all have our own life to live the way we won't; Mama Bear
We have a small dachshund-beagle mix with very short hair, and she sometimes gets cold in the winter, so we'll put a small doggie shirt on her for her walks. So while most of the time clothes on a dog is redundant (and I generally don't like clothes on dogs anyway, especially the froofy ones), there are times when it's nice to have a small t-shirt for them.
I love this! My dog likes wearing clothes, he picks them up and brings them to me to put them on him. He even was brought into the rescue where I got him wearing a sweater. I'm going to make some of my old college shirts into dog shirts for him. And maybe bring some to the rescue for photo props.
my dogs just got shaved and its in the middle of spring and its 40 degrees. i need to make my dogs a t shirt and mabye some oants too!:D
i have been wanting to make my pup a t shirt.She has a batman sheet as her crate cover and i have a toddler batman shirt laying around. She is small. a beagle/basset/terrier mix.she looks like a rat terrier with long ears. I have a new sewing machine to break in so here i go. i will post a pic of Patches in her batman shirt soon. Thanks.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your pug so much and your instructable is awesome!
for those messy with glue and even messier with threads and needle (like me) may i suggest fabric mending strips? those little strips that can be ironed on. they are cheap to buy&nbsp; and just need to be pin in, then iron over, et' voila! <br /> <br /> thank you for this instructable - my Dudley labrador is next and thank god he loves dress ups. he is getting that dangerous gases t-shirt i have been saving for him!<br />
Great instructions and I don't feel like I&nbsp;have to be a sewing expert.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have a 55# Weimaraner that is a freeze baby with fur the length of eyelashes.&nbsp; Thanks for your help, I will be resurrecting some old t-shirts. IMHO, because we have domesticated these animals, I think we have to take some measures with comfort assistance. <br />
Your dog is ADORABLE!&nbsp;Little does my&nbsp;beagle know&nbsp;he's next.
this is great! we won't have to buy dog shirts on a pet store!
u use to "have" to buy your dog t-shirts...?
That is funny. I like the shirt too! I'll do this for my dog when I find the right shirt.
i'm gonna do this, too. if i knew this is the way to do it, i wouldn't have been so frustrated making my doxie a shirt for the rainy days.
This is awesome! My gf loves to dress up our Japanese Chin but hates how dog clothes are so expensive. I'm going to make some skateboard Ts for my dog now.
The pug looks amazing! Good thing he's a natural model, and loves his clothing! It's always so cute when he grabs clothing and acts all happy once he's fully dressed! :)
Thor! Good job Eddie. And yeah, he does like wearing clothes. It's the oddest thing. He's always friendly, but when he is in clothing, he acts like superdog. It's the most bizarre thing.
im gonna do this to my bird just to piss him off, lmao
That's my adorable grandpug fashionplate. Great job Ed.
very nice, im not sure bout the large amount of glue tho, not the most comfortable thing! ps, i the dog is loving the posing!

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