Doggy Cooling Vest / Backpack (from cargo pants)

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Step 7: Insert waterproof layer

Picture of Insert waterproof layer
Now find a plastic bag around this size or just cut one to size and insert into in between the layers. Don't worry about breath-ability since dogs don't sweat through their skin like us humans, they only sweat through their paws.  In essence this vest will help them cool down by "sweating" the water that we soak the upper layer with.

I guess since we have the waterproof layer this may act as a doggy raincoat as well to some extent. Bonus!
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Larry012 months ago

It says: "...they >only< sweat through their paws." Dogs sweat through their mouths/tongues, that's why dogs pant - to cool off by exhaling hot air and bringing cooler outside air inside to their lungs.