Step 4: Create a Hinge

Now we will want to join the Bed frame with the Cage frame.    Drill a hole through the center of the rounded ends of your Bed frame, large enough to accomodate the lag bolts you have.  Measure and drill corresponding holes on the "feet" of the Cage frame.  Make sure to measure for a 1/4" gap between the Cage frame legs and the Bed frame legs.   Use your 1" hole saw to make countersink holes, so that the lag bolt head will sit flush.  Use your lag bolts to join the two frames.  Don't over tighten the bolts, we want to allow some movement.

 With this, youre basic frame should be complete and fit together nicely.
This is SO AWESOME! Very well made & your steps are clear & easy to follow. I would love to make one of these for our cats. If the size is scaled down, do you think it could be wall mounted? Ellwood looks sooo happy & comfy! :) I love Pitties! They really are great with kids & other animals-even cats! You should check out www.mypitbullisfamily.com. They've got really cute pics of pitbulls & their families. Also, they're goal is to educate people about the misconceptions surrounding pitbulls & quell some of the fear. Did I mention that they also have very cute stickers-for free?
Thank you very much! Yeah, I think it could be both scaled down and wall mounted. Did you see the picture of my cat sneaking a nap on it? Too funny. <br>It's nice to know that someone is working to educate people about pits, they really are very friendly and loving. Well good luck with your cat bed. I'm sorry it took so long to respond but I really do appreciate you writing.
Can't this same concept be used for a queen/king sized bed?
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound anti-DIY. That's why were all here. Yes I think you could easily translate this I'ble into a cool Murphy bed of any size, it would be a fun project.
You mean for people? Sure, you could build one like this in a king or queen size, but there are many human sized Murphy Beds you can buy as well.
Wow this such a beautiful bed/ kennel man why can't have someone with your intelligence . I'm jealous
haha, pitbulls are really nice dogs but people give them bad reputations <br>they use pitbulls for fighting but pitbulls really likes to play with kids...<br><br>I have 3 pitbulls at my house and never hurt some to <br>I name my pitbulls after my bestfriends who past away<br>the 2 years old pitbull is named after Camille my oldest friend the 1 year old pitbull is after christian and the youngest pitbull is named after sandy<br><br>nice instructables :D
wow, 3 pitbulls. you must have lots of energy.. lol sorry to hear about your friends though. <br> <br> thank you very much.
is your dog a pitbull?<br>if he is one he sure is big :D
Yes, he's a pitbull. A 70lb ball of energy and slobber. He'd never hurt anyone but he might lick you to death. lol
This is an excellent instructible. I have a similar Murphy bed for our dog, but your cage idea makes this a winning idea.
hey thanks for the pictures, it looks really nice. i'm sorry theres no dog in your home to enjoy it.
thanks. i'm glad you like it. i would love to see a picture of your pet murphy bed.
Great looking daybed/kennel! I really like the design.<br> <br> <br> (If you want to embed video, you need to first post it on youtube or other video hosting site, then follow the instructions<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Tips-for-Great-Project-Photos/step8/Other-tips-Embedding-Video/" rel="nofollow"> here.</a>)
thank you both. you were very helpful and i think i've got it now.
It looks good. You've got lost of in-focus pictures to illustrate each step and clear directions. I like that you show counter-sinking the bolts so they aren't sticking out to snag on stuff. <br> <br>As for the video (which I assume shows how the bed/cage folds and unfolds) I had trouble embedding video too. I ended up following some excellent advice found in one of the Q&amp;A forums. Post the video to YouTube, then paste the link into your instructable. Ignore the &quot;embed this video&quot; tab and just copy the video link from the address bar. Even if you have to go to the trouble of setting up a YouTube account, it will work better than putting the full video file into Instructables. Hope this helps. <br> <br>
yeah, that helps, thanks. i'll give it a try.

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