Step 8: Fold-up Cage

To attach the fold up cage, we'll use two hinges. they can be any style you wish.  Mark a line on the underside of the 1"x12", from leg front to leg front.  Attach the hinges, oriented as shown, near each leg.  You want the free side of the hinge to swing forward and up.  Now measure and cut your last piece of plywood to fit.  It should be roughly the same size as the front piece of plywood.  Attach this piece of plywood to your hinges.  You will want to attach it to the back side of the hinge; in other words, when the board is hung, you should still see the hinges.

Now you're ready to measure and cut the cage material.  Whatever you have chosen to use, you will need two side pieces, a front piece, and two doors.  Make sure the door opening you cut is large enough for your dog.  I used Cable anchors, the little plastic things you secure audio/ video cable to the wall with, as hinges;  see pictures.

Because there are so many choises of cage material to use, I have basically just given you some pictures of how mine works and how it's secured to the plywood.  Depending on what you use, you may have to be a little creative when putting yours together.  You can do it!