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Made from 100% recycled pallets, this dining table is perfect for our large fur baby. He cant push over his water or food bowl as he eats as most dogs will do. He also doesn't have to bend down to eat or drink, which is ideal for larger dogs. His food is out of the way of crawling insects. He has also gone from being a fussy grazer to a dog that eats all of his food in one sitting, or standing. The stainless steel bowls are nice and deep keeping the food secure and the bowls stable, while being easily removed for cleaning and refilling


KarelM6 (author)2016-04-17

Do you make these to sell?

picouet (author)2015-04-24

Bonjour c est super comme idée esse possible d avoir les plans merci cordialement

shed boy (author)picouet2015-04-24

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Salut , désolé, je ne ai pas utilisé plans pour cela. Je ai mesuré ma taille des chiens et fait une simple boîte . Je ai ensuite coupé ...More

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Salut , désolé, je ne ai pas utilisé plans pour cela. Je ai mesuré ma taille des chiens et fait une simple boîte . Je ai ensuite coupé deux trous dans le haut pour certains bols je ai acheté pas cher . Lorsque vous coupez les cercles dans le haut , assurez-vous que vous coupez également un petit trou de sorte que vous pouvez facilement obtenir les bols en utilisant votre pouce dans le trou

susan17821 (author)2015-04-14

I love it!! Exactly what I need for my Dog, she has issues with drinking from her water bowl because it is so low to the ground. This will really do the trick. Thank you Shed Boy!

AxelKidd made it! (author)2015-01-27

Really good job shed boy! Very cool idea

Here is mine! I used pine boards that I planed and sanded and coated with linseed oil. Linseed oil gives a nice golden color to the wood and protects water. You can easily clean the surface with a sponge without damaging it.

On the third picture you can see the assembly that I used. I did not use nails or screws, just wood glue.

timw4 (author)2014-10-09

do you have a plan for this so i can make it for my dogs.

shed boy (author)2014-06-11

Hi Tward66, i made this up as I went. I will endeavor to draw something up for you. Not sure how to post so flick me your email. Cheers

shed boy (author)2014-06-11

Wow Toyia! Looks great!

toyia made it! (author)2014-05-25

We loved the plans but have two dogs, one very small Chihuahua and one large German Shepherd. SOOOO.......we modified it a bit and it turned out great for both dogs :)

Thank you so much for the great design idea. I love this website

bbiechowiak (author)toyia2014-06-11

Loving it!!! I have a Yorkie and white GS x Lab. This idea will suit me well, just to find the time for it now!!! Thank you guys!!!!

tward66 (author)2014-06-10

How do I get the plans, I am a premium member

Chrisycat (author)2014-04-01

You can use two large crates and add drawers to store pet stuff

dtackett (author)2014-03-22

looks great. would like to see some plans for this.

shed boy (author)dtackett2014-03-27

...pushed the wrong button... flexible in your design and build to what timber you have. guaranteed if I built another it would be different

shed boy (author)dtackett2014-03-27

thanks dtackett, I did this without plans, but I'll try and knock something together. One of the issues with building from pallets is that you need to be flexible in

rthomas34 (author)2014-03-27

How tall did you make it?

shed boy (author)rthomas342014-03-27

hi rthomas, I made this around 350mm high. I made it to suit my dog as large dogs have less digestion issues if they dont have to eat off the ground

supreme creator (author)2014-03-21

Nicely done

vladivastok (author)2014-03-21


Wow, your dog's table is nicer than my own table! I love the vase with the flowers :)

EmeraldOre (author)2014-03-20

Cute!!! My dogs would love this... except for my chihuahua xD

chrisdm (author)2014-03-20

This is excellent! Nicest doggie dining table I have seen yet.

jmdushi (author)2014-03-20

I show this table to my dogs and they bark: make it make it.

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