Step 15: Install the Light

Picture of Install the Light
Installing the light is simple.  First, if you are using the same kind of socket I used, unscrew and separate the two halves of the enclosure.  Inside, you will find a simple light bulb screw with a switch and two screws that act as electrical contacts. 

So, first, thread the cord through the hole in the back head piece of the Doggy Lamp.  Second, thread the base part of the socket enclosure onto the wire.  This should be covered by common sense but, DO NOT PLUG IN THE CORD WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT.  And finally, attach the stripped ends of the wire, one to each terminal of the light bulb socket.  It makes no difference in which direction you attach the wires.

With the wires attached, screw on the top portion of the enclosure.  Then, pull the wire back through the hole until the light bulb socket is flush with the back head piece.  If the cord fits tightly enough in the hole, it may be sufficient to hold the light bulb socket by itself, if not, simply apply a bit of glue to the base of the enclosure.