Doggy Pirate Costume With Peg Leg





Introduction: Doggy Pirate Costume With Peg Leg

If you are lucky enough to have a tripod like us this is a really fun and highly entertaining Halloween costume. We acquired a store-bought pirate costume, Styrofoam cone, paint, and string. To make the peg leg, we hollowed out the inside of the Styrofoam cone so it would fit snugly on Koa's stump, attached strings to three sides of it, and painted it brown. We  the attached it with some padding between his stump and the Styrofoam so it wouldn't irritate his skin. Viola, your dog is now an authentic pirate!

*If your dog is missing a front leg you can also attach a plastic hook instead*



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Questions & Answers


Is that Koa that went to Hope Mills An Hosp??

Nope, Koa is from California/Nevada

Awe super cute! I have a friend who has a dog who's leg curls under her, they could totally do this, I'm going to share it with them.

Aarggh! Turn over all your kibble and squeaky toys or you'll be walkin' the plank!

That's an awesome idea! I hope you and Koa have an awesome Halloween. I'm sure you'll meet some pretty impressed people :]

This is so adorable!!!