Picture of Doghouse Nightlight
Here's a fun and unique night light that you can make from recycled and upcycled items. It's also a fun project to do with kids, assuming that an adult handles the cutting. You'll need these items:

+ Pint-sized carton
+ Permanent marker
+ Craft knife
+ Glue
+ Collage papers
+ Figurines
+ Foam brush
+ Tissue paper
+ Scrap wood
+ Lamp kit

This project originally appeared in the August 2008 issue of The Satellite, North Central Florida's finest arts and entertainment magazine and also on my blog, http://sassycrafter.blogspot.com. Thanks to John D. Richards, formerly of The Temple of Great Art No Spitting in St. Augustine for the inspiration.

Step 1: Prepare the carton

Picture of Prepare the carton
Open the top of a pint-sized carton, use a craft knife to cut between the upper flaps, and wash the inside of the carton. Use a permanent marker to draw the doghouse door and then cut it out with a craft knife. Also cut a small triangular opening above the door.

maxwelltub5 years ago
This is awesome, I was thinking of a cool lamp for my hallway. One of these mounted on the wall would be cool. I also might use LEDs instead of a lamp kit. thanks for the idea.
I'm gonna make one with solar cells on it.
rc jedi7 years ago
neat idea and well done. not too hard for public education grads like me. Get the kids honey, here is a project they can do.
rc jedi rc jedi7 years ago
careful with the light, heat may build up too hot. Led's would be good to light up this project.
The stores do sell 2 flickering candle lamps based on yellow LEDs. The shorter one uses a button battery (expensive to replace the battery), the taller ones uses 2 AA batteries I believe (cheaper batteries). LEDs are a good idea with so much paper around a potential heat source.
sassycrafter (author)  rc jedi7 years ago
I used a nightlight bulb, which is pretty low wattage. I leave my lamp on all the time and have never had problems. But yeah, LEDs would be even safer.
Transquesta7 years ago
This is TOO cute! And hey, it gives me a great idea on how to build a 'niche-type' display case.
sassycrafter (author)  Transquesta7 years ago
Hey, I like the way you think! A milk carton would make a great niche for other artsy assemblage.