Introduction: Dog's Toys Barrier

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Have you ever got into this situation?

Picture this, you have a dog, and when playing all the toys ends under the sofa.

Two things can happen, the dog gets anxious and starts bothering, or gets sad and gives at you "that look".

I thought that i was the only one who happens this, until i found this image on the net (a dramatic version, but same problem), and started this solution.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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I thought on a design that must fulfill three conditions:

-Needed to be cheap

-Easy to install and remove

-No special skill required, so to be made by everyone.

After that, i found this solution, with materials that could be found on Walmart for less than $ 10 USD.

-You will need a few swimming noodles (the kind with a hole in the center)

-Some rope

-A piece of metal or a stone, small and heavy enough to get trough the hole of the swimming noodles.

Step 2: Preparation

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First, we measure the space we need to cover.

If it's more, we might complete it with another piece of another swimming noodle.

Step 3: The Making

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The first step is to pass the rope through the swimming noodle.

Then, we make a simple knot in one "leg" of the couch.

In my case, i have an "L" shaped couch, so i used a knot to make a "brake". The rope is longer and i dont want the swimming noodle to be moving.

Then, i cuted the rope about a foot longer than necessary, in order to make the other knot.

Repeating this simple step, you can make as many barriers as you need.

Step 4: Repeat As Needed.

Picture of Repeat As Needed.

With this few basic steps, you can block any surface that gives you trouble.
-Measure and cut.

-Pass the rope through the noodle.

-Make a knot one end, cut the rope with an extra, tie the other end.

Step 5: One More Time.

Picture of One More Time.

-Measure and cut.

-Pass the rope through the noodle.

-Make a knot one end, cut the rope with an extra, tie the other end.

Your pet will thank you.


susiefreckleface (author)2017-03-28

That's a good idea with a great price point.

Thank you, i appreciate you took some time to give a look at this instructable.

falafelgalex (author)2017-06-01

Cool dog toy!

German_MX (author)falafelgalex2017-06-01

Thanks, it's hollow to put some pet snacks inside.

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