Picture of Doing the imossible part 1:slippin' through the index card
ya ever wanted to slip through somthin' small?

nows yo chance!!!
learn to get yo friends slipin' into a deep freeze!
that was an exaggeration of course.


index card (4x6 will do)

Step 1: Prep part 2:

Picture of prep part 2:
before the show cut a slit down the middle 1/4 in. from each end with the scissors.
arrow shot7 years ago
lol i did this once in school in elemenrty school...water buffalo hi..lol...so many inside jokes their...kinda wierd tho, cause evry person had their own...most werent funny >.< pancakes....wheres the love of waffles?
royalestel7 years ago
Hey great party/friendly bet gag!
latobada7 years ago
Clean up your language. First of all the title is spelled wrong. its Impossible. "exalant quality scissors" should be excellent, that would really make it excellent. and there are many others throughout the instructable. At least you do use apostrophes when you do abbreviate! (just try to not have to use them in the first place)
rikkdbomb7 years ago
Wow I knew it was going to be some kinda bullshit at the end so much for shrink ray.
its not impossible if its possible. hahaha