Picture of Doll Closet made from Recycled items
Does your child have a growing collection of clothes for his/hers dolls?  I have the perfect closet made from things you probably already have laying around.
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Step 1: Supplies needed

Picture of Supplies needed
Scissors or utility knife
Soda pop tabs or washers
Paint Brushes
Pipe Cleaners (at least 8 for closet)  extra for hangers
Wire cutter
Glue, Scrapbook paper, decorations (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the box

Picture of Prepare the box
First prepare your box for use.  You will need to remove all the stickers and shiny shipping tape.  Then you will want to tape the box back with a non-shiny tape, like masking tape, painters tape or gaff tape.

Cut off the top and bottom flap on the box.  This will leave two doors.
Take one of the pieces you just cut off and add it to the inside of the box if necessary.  Mine had a gap, so I filled it with this piece to make it look nicer.

Step 3: Paint or Decorate however you like

Picture of Paint or Decorate however you like
Time to get creative.  You can just paint it a plain color or you can get all fancy with scrapbook papers and stickers.  I just did a simple blue, because that is what my daughter wanted.
AnooshI10 months ago

Doll making is so much fun. You can never get over dolls. I love making mixed media dolls using many kinds of stencils. This time I am using my new stencils. They are amazing. You must try them!