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Introduction: Friends Are Easy to Make

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Frugality is my middle name. Couple that with my penchant for anything cute and you've got a heartbroken girl mourning her inability to dole out the big bucks to satisfy her cute quota.

But - not to worry!! Always on my toes to tangle myself into yet another ambitious project, knowing still that I only average a 20% success rate, I'd quickly found the remedy for my weakness.


Fleece fabric
Sewing accessories
Sewing machine (optional)
Polyester filling

Step 1: Monster Design

First things first, design your monster. For inspiration, I suggest digging deep into your repressed childhood or even adulthood memories and try to picture those invisible friends you used to have before you finally established your social skills.

Since you need two identical pieces for the front and back of your friend, I like to fold the fabric in half and cut the two at the same time.

Step 2: The Sewing Part.

After you've transferred the image onto the fabric, you can then sew the 2 pieces together. If you have a sewing machine, that's awesome. Otherwise, be prepared to experience butt numbage from sitting down too long sewing the monstrosity together.

Don't forget to leave about an inch or 2 open for the stuffing to go in. I prefer stuffing through the armpit but if you have anatomical preference, do what works for you.

Step 3: Don't Run With Scissors

Here's the fun part.. cut along the seams and flip him inside out through the opening.

(you DID remember to leave an opening right? good.)

Step 4: Feeding Time

Unlike newborn babies and your pet bunny, it really doesn't matter what you feed your monster. That being said, feel free to stuff him with what ever you have lying around.. old socks, warped k'nex rods, peach fuzz, etc.

Personally, I prefer polyester fiber stuffing.

Step 5: Hair and Makeup

Black thread on the white eyeballs really gives the little guy spunk.

Step 6: RAWR.

When you're finished, make sure to put him in a safe place away from UV exposure and puppies (unless you intend for it to be a chew toy)

And finally, completion of your new friend according to my instructions will not result in its coming to life. It will indefinitely remain dumb and inanimate no matter how hard you will it to move.

Happy sewing!



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    hey, I used one of the images of this 'ible to make a template for anyone who might need it :)


    Great instructable! Here's my try. Cheers, Kajnjaps


     Here's my take on Mr. Fudwuddle.


    This is mine! It's named Grom x)


    how the heck do you do that? just like, sew the different peices together?

    Yes, I just do that
    it's not very complicate... just long =D

    I sew the fourth parts of the two side individually, after I do the rest with the pattern =)

    Wouldn't it be easier if you quartered two different colored sheets of felt or other fabric. Then sow then into two rectangles with you color layout. Pin the two pieces, seam sides out, together. Now transfer the pattern and follow the directions. I think it might be a bit tricky to match the pieces up once they were cut into eight pieces.

    I enjoyed your instructable. I made 4 in one afternoon. I NEVERE would have thought of this by myself. My daughters enjoyed playing with them and helping to decorate them. Here is a picture.