Step 6: RAWR.

Picture of RAWR.
When you're finished, make sure to put him in a safe place away from UV exposure and puppies (unless you intend for it to be a chew toy)

And finally, completion of your new friend according to my instructions will not result in its coming to life. It will indefinitely remain dumb and inanimate no matter how hard you will it to move.

Happy sewing!
i will definetly try it even though sewing is not my thing.Im always ready totake on a new challenge!
thevoidfox2 years ago
Heres one i made its green but the camera kinda messed it up
ahawks13 years ago
I am loving it! want try as soon as i get home!! :D!!
bconway13 years ago
this has inspired me to take a wack at a gerr doll yakno from invader zim =3
tatsuki44 years ago
really adorable!! i always love making things like this
lunius4 years ago
I'm gonna make a Dib doll for my girlfriend who LOVES Dib from Invader Zim.. I have until June to finish it.. yay restricting deadlines..
Noah9724 years ago
How many inches tall is that little fellow?
kawisahos315 years ago
it's so cute! but wouldn't it be easier to put the face on before you sew the pieces together??
I was a little worried about how to sew on the eyes and whatnot, but doing it that way really solves the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
Noah972 Noah9724 years ago
I just realized that you would have to do things a little differently. You might have to cut the front and back (a little bigger than what you drew on your fabric, so you can sew it later) before you sew them together, then sew on the face on the right side of the fabric, then put wrong sides back together and sew around (hence the reason you would need to cut it bigger). Hmm... that could work...but is there an easier way that you thought of doing it?
 good, idea.
one question though. how do you sew the gap once you've stuffed it to look uniform with the rest of the sewing?
Perhaps you could close it with the slip-stitch. It looks almost completely seamless.
to the best of my knowledge, you just have to trust your hand sewing prowess (lol, right?) and try to make it look right. maybe there is a better way, idk
ManyuX955 years ago
Mine has a creepy look xD but I still like it:
jajjajaja lovely!
pieguy7805 years ago
i need to make one of these for my baby brother... and maybe one for me.
lawdog3236 years ago
too cute! I wonder how you could make a "person" stuffed doll from your past. Like a childhood friend. And sorta like write a short story about the childhood friends personal character's. Watching your instructable just inspired me! lol GREAT JOB!!
theHERO6 years ago
This is the first instructable that I've made, and you made it SO easy!
I love my new stuffed animal, A+ job(=
Gwycon27 years ago
I can probably do that! Good instructions. I made a softie for my nephew and the poodle disembowled him; it was so sad. So, yeah, keep the monster up high so pups don't kill them.
jacknero7 years ago
barnes7 years ago
Very cool, simple, I like it. Perfect gift idea!