Doll House Boxes


Introduction: Doll House Boxes

I made a custom Doll House Box for each of my granddaughters one Christmas. I made the felt dolls, and matched the hair and eye colors to child and sewed each doll a wardrobe. Decorated the room with their favorite color, built most of the furniture,  made bedding, matching dishes from fimo, framed  pictures for the walls and each widow has a different view.  The best part is when they're done playing,  just put the top back on the box. They were a big hit.



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    Can you give me some instructions on how to make this please? It's really cute.

    Did you paint the box or how did you get it striped? It's really cute!

    They are really really beautiful!!!

    I like them! It would be nice to see how you made the furniture, the cabinets look really good

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    Thank you, I'll work on a instructable for the furniture.

    Thank you, They were fun to make.