Picture of Doll House for Pippi Longstocking (Langstrumpf)
For my daughter I have built a colorful Pippi Longstocking (Langstrumpf) doll house with plywood and some accessories (3D printed parts). The building concept is modular so you can adapt it easily and let your creativity play.

Step 1: Material and tools required

Picture of Material and tools required
Material required:
-Plywood 4mm
-Pine wood lath22x22mm
-Wood glue
-Wood tenons (to connect the triangle wood profile of the roof with the 4-groove-profile)

Tools required:
-Buzz saw/circular saw
-Jig saw
-Drill machine
-Sand paper
bliber1231 year ago
i love doll house.
mszymczak1 year ago
Very cute. Pippi is great theme.
Nice job
This is so cute! Thanks so much for including the files, it looks like a really easy house to put together. :D