Picture of Doll to Help Children Understand Illness
I created a Doll to help my young daughter better understand my wife's terminal cancer.

I modified a plushy doll by adding internal organs involved and to give a context for discussing upcoming surgeries and procedures.
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Step 1: Choose Your Doll

Picture of Choose Your Doll
I went to Toys R Us and searched for a soft, plush doll, one that had a happy appearance which resembled my wife.

I think it important that the doll has a happy appearance.  Later when we present the doll to the child, we will do so as a 'play' and the doll will be in pain during the play when the symptoms are discussed, but we don't want a sad doll, we want the pain/discomfort to be temporary.

mole17 months ago

Minimama says it all. My heart goes out to you all.

mimimama7 months ago
This is a very well done Instructable and I am so glad I was able to read it. You and your wife have created a sensitive, thoughtful child and you will continue to raise her as the excellent father you are. I am very sorry for your loss.