Picture of Dollar Bill Jet Fighter
Basically one of the coolest things you can make with a dollar.
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Step 1: Water Bomb Base

The goal here is to make a water bomb base on one end of the bill. To do that:
-fold the bill in half hotdog style, then unfold (picture 1)
-fold the right top corner over to the edge of the bill, then unfold(picture 2)
-fold the left top corner over to the edge of the bill (picture 3)
-start to fold the open edge of the triangle back over itself (pictures 4 and 5)
-flatten and bring the other flap over (pictures 6 and 7)
-fold the flap back over so that each side has one flap (pictures 8 and 9)

Step 2:

Picture of
Flip the bill over. Fold the water bomb base back, making sure to align with the hotdog style crease down the middle of the bill. Fold the bottom left and right corner in to meet the middle crease (pictures 3 and 4).

Step 3:

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Fold over two little flaps (make sure to fold over more than I did in the picture, I had to adjust it later). Fold the left and right flaps in to meed the middle crease.

Step 4:

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Fold the bottom piece up and then down to create a slight zig-zag and shorten the length of the model a little. Fold the entire thing in half.

Step 5:

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Fold the wing and inner flap down, leaving a bit of space to be the body of the fighter. Repeat on the other side, keeping the wings even. Fold the inner flap up about half way and aligned with the edge of the bill (picture 3) and repeat on the other side.

Step 6:

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On the front of the fighter, fold down the tips of both flaps to create a cockpit. Adjust the plane and it's ready for flight!
karen.majors.5 made it!3 months ago

My 9 year old nephew was thrilled with his $10 Jet for his Birthday Present.

Connor with Dollar Jet.jpg
sandrus keyes made it!1 year ago

Made this for my 6 year old with his tooth fairy money! He loves it! Thanks!!!

dollar bill airplane.JPG
spicyfry1 year ago
This is what made me think of what people are doing these days

I Made it! It looks like yours!

legoman1112 years ago
I made my own design based on this and combined it with my paper airplane skills to make a model that looks a lot like a f-14.
Wraith52 years ago
Is there any point that can be used as a guide for making that first fold in this step?
Look at my AirHawk instructable. The first step is that fold(after the intro and materials).
engr_robii2 years ago
Did it! Thanks for posting this. I work with military aviation and I'll be using this on air stations I travel to when leaving tips. Very cool ible.
kiwi12 years ago
it worked !!!!!!!!!
mk20013 years ago
it does not fly @ all, waste of $ ... but it does look good
does it work with a 20 dollar bill?
cool instructable bro
here are my paper fighter jets the left one is from a US dollar bill and the right one is a Canadian $5 bill
the pic is bellow
hmfoster3 years ago
Thx for help
he1450333 years ago
can you use a five dollar bill
I would imagine you could.
WrshpMzshn3 years ago
Very clear instructions and pictures! Thank you.
Airth3 years ago
Make one out of a fake billion dollar bill, and you'll be fairly accurate! Awesome instructable :)
but will it blend?
ilpug3 years ago
Does it fly? i have been told that 20s are more aerodynamic :P
sherrycayheyhey (author)  ilpug3 years ago
I don't know about the affects on flight but I do know that the higher denominations are picked up much more quickly after crashing into the ground :)
I was more or less quoting a street musician i saw a few days ago. people kept throwing ones at him, but they just flopped around and fell as you would expect. He kept saying that 20's are more aerodynamic.

very nice plane.
sherrycayheyhey (author)  ilpug3 years ago
haha! I always do prefer a sense of humor in a person asking for money over one that looks depressed.
yeah, it greatly increases the amount of money they make, too.

I have a picture that friend took of a guy in San Francisco who has a sign that says "My wife was kidnapped, and I need 97 cents to complete the ransom money"

I have also seen hobos with signs that say "bet you can't hit me with a quarter"
unominame3 years ago
WOW. This is very nice! You must have lots of time to play around with money. because your other dollar bill Ibles' are also Awesome. 5*
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Looks just like the F14's, or F18's. I like this!
You should enter it into the Paper Airplane Challenge.
sherrycayheyhey (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks. Your contest is actually what inspired me to post this Instructable, I just hadn't added it yet :)