Dollar Bill Origami Heart





Introduction: Dollar Bill Origami Heart

I'm sure that you have probably seen this somewhere on the internet, but I felt that Instructables needed one. Well anyways, its a pretty cool way to give someone money. It only takes about 5 or so minutes to make, and its awesome.

Here is a video: Not very exiting, but it gets the job done.

Step 1: Finding a Dollar

I know this may be hard for some people (especially me), but you need to find a spare dollar that you can fold up. Try to find one that is pretty crisp and new.

Step 2: Turning a Diamond Thingy Into a Square.

You're bill should look something like this now.

Step 3: More Triangles to Make

Step 4: Making Triangles Into Squares.

Step 5: Folding the Edges of the Squares In

Step 6: Kinda What We Did in Step 4

Step 7: Cleaning Things Up.

Step 8: The Quarter Trick

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Will a Dollar Coin fit in the opening?


That's so awesome. Here's mine with a Seychelles 10 rupees note and 25 cents. Looks a little crude though.

14, 13:57.jpg

this was so easy and looks awesome!


This is so easy but when I first looked at it I thought it would be tooooooo hard but I ended up trying and did it thanks to the amazing steps by - LegoBrickMaster7

perfect step by step instructions with perfect pictures and notes...way easy to follow.

Thank you,


A bit hard but after you're done its satisfactory.