Picture of Dollar Bill Origami Heart

I'm sure that you have probably seen this somewhere on the internet, but I felt that Instructables needed one. Well anyways, its a pretty cool way to give someone money. It only takes about 5 or so minutes to make, and its awesome.

Here is a video: Not very exiting, but it gets the job done.

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Step 1: Finding a dollar

I know this may be hard for some people (especially me), but you need to find a spare dollar that you can fold up. Try to find one that is pretty crisp and new.

Step 2: Turning a diamond thingy into a square.

Picture of Turning a diamond thingy into a square.
You're bill should look something like this now.

Step 3: More triangles to make

Picture of More triangles to make

Step 4: Making triangles into squares.

Step 5: Folding the edges of the squares in

Picture of Folding the edges of the squares in

Step 6: Kinda what we did in step 4

Step 7: Cleaning things up.

Step 8: The Quarter Trick

Picture of The Quarter Trick
hhuebner2 years ago
Awesome and easy to follow..
wiccanbear3 years ago
awesome and easy to follow! i just made one out of a twenty to put in my step daughters b day card :D she's gona love it! lol. thansk so much!
tom suzuki5 years ago
AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESOMMMMMEEEEE Thanks for the instructable. helped me make my own. Why did u choose to make one out of a 2$ bill, not a 1$ one? But still, a nice instructable, thanks again.
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  tom suzuki5 years ago
Two dollar bills are amazing, and underused.
When I was a little kid, my mom would go to the bank and get lots of 2 dollar bills for my allowance. After a while she switched to bigger denominations as I got older, and slowly the memories of those bills faded...

Until I stumbled onto your instructable. So now, not only do I have a bunch of awesome hearts lying around my desk (and they are awesome in so many ways), I also have a bunch of wonderful memories of my childhood rushing back into my head. So, thanks, you basically made my month.

[Cyber bro-hug]
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  thedurka6665 years ago
Aww, thanks!

[Cyber bro-hug}

NRIK5 years ago
Thanks this was really easy and smooth thanks for showing.
joeydee5 years ago
Thank you so much, this is really cool.  I used a Mexican 100 peso bill, because it is red and pink, I thought it looked nice.  The size is a little different but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.  Thanks again.

mmcpherson45 years ago
verry cool!! thanks dude!