Picture of Dollar Bill Ring Bling
How to create a ring out of a dollar bill, or any other US money, for that matter.

This is a continuation of my money origami series, started here. As with the previous one, massive credit goes to Clay, who put up the idea originally, along with much other money art.

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Step 1: Cold hard cash

Picture of Cold hard cash
Start with the side that reads "ONE" facing towards you on a flat surface. Like all money origami, a crisp bill will work best.

Flip the bill over, and fold the "white" edges on the top and bottom inward. Crease those folds, and return the bill to its original side.

Step 2: A half then a quarter

Picture of A half then a quarter
Fold the bill in half. (You can flip this over to do it, or not. It doesn't matter.). Then fold the bill in half again.

Step 3: Making a diamond

Picture of Making a diamond
Fold the end of the bill up from the bottom. That "1" will be the center of the ring, and ideally you're trying to center to be even on both sides. The "white" of the bill gets folded under the "1."

Press everything down and crease.

Step 4: Ring around the finger (optional)

Picture of Ring around the finger (optional)
Just to get the shape of the ring, you can bend the folded bill around your finger a few times. It's not necessary to do this, however.

When you're done. place the bill back on a flat surface.

Step 5: Creating the circle

Picture of Creating the circle
This is one of those steps which is much easier to show than to describe. As seen below, fold the bill upward to create a 45 degree angle. The distance between this angle and the "1" will be the circumference of the ring.

Continue moving that fold under the ring, and back to the other side.

Step 6: Completing the ring

Picture of Completing the ring
Bring both ends of the bill together to form...a ring. Take the long end, and fold under the "1", tucking the folded end of the "1" under the long end.

Continue bringing the long end underneath the ring, and back around to the top.

Tuck the remaining flap underneath the "1", and press down all creases.
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emilolip2 years ago
Very cool! I used a little glue to keep it strong, but other wise a good instructable!
ninjasfly3 years ago
i charge my classmates $1 for making it and they provide the dollar!!!!
me too!
knexaddict2 years ago
All credit goes to origami rob on tube >.<
Jsquared243 years ago
If only if this worked with australian notes :(
X413 years ago
awesome instuctable
but it is 90°, not 45° ;D
NinjaToast4 years ago
Sweet, My pinkie is no longer naked!!
i really dont get this part!!
Awesome instructable
i actually made this lol thanks!!
its cool i made one and i wear it too lol but then i spent it... :^(
 I found step six to be pretty confusing
101lenny1015 years ago
 Just wanted to let you know, that's a 90 degree angle. Great Instructable though!
KC-Dimples5 years ago
You are my newly found hero! xD
I've been making dollar rings for a while, but i couldn't figure out how to make the 1 in the center of the ring... Then again I never put much thought into it. But thanks! :D
PetervG8 years ago
This sucks, always money tricks with US.
jeffreyf (author)  PetervG8 years ago
If you'd like to send me some Canadian notes I'd be happy to figure out a modification :)
I will do it if you only exchange some money
i actually made one with some money from the bahamas
I tried making this but it was really hard because to me or anyone else for that matter all the pictures show the money upsidedown
bubbles9835 years ago
THANKS! ive always wanted to know how to make one!
TXTCLA555 years ago
Nice! It doesn't work well with canadian 5 dollar bills :( and I really don't want to wear a 20! Over all very impressive ible though! 5 stars!
Reper5226 years ago
Thanks! i got it to work and now i know how to make it for others...thanks again
Thank goodness, something much more reasonable than the most expensive chess set on here....
nicky02066 years ago
Awsome bling bling dude!
bikerkid6 years ago
I made one out of a canadian 20 dollar bill.
sk8er4lyfe6 years ago
I love this Instructable!!!
pandaboy2926 years ago
can you make the kind with a dime in it?
icedog5156 years ago
very cool. a different crappy version of this is a new fad at my skool -
casey321b6 years ago
I made it too. but i think he skipped a step because mine keeps falling apart and I did everything he said...
llondon6 years ago
Ha! made one for every finger, awesome +1 even though this isn't the first place I learned to do this.
xZCodmaNZx6 years ago
you are
You took my Idea
pocketwatch7 years ago
Man hands are huge!
i didnt quite get step 6 so i improvised and it worked out really well :D nice instructable! 5/5!
Dude This is an awesome instructable!!!! it is so kool i made 1 out of a 20, it was the only one i had with me, and it looks sweet. i wear it around sometimes. Thanks 4 the sweeet instructabe!
HOMEPIE647 years ago
i need help since you obviously(i think) semi-talented if not talented at money oragomi can you make a video explaining how to make the glasses becuase i plainly don't get the tubes and some of the folds.
Phenomenal8 years ago
I couldn't quite figure out that last step, a video might help.
ntgrater8 years ago
i made these rings in $1 $5 $10 $20 $50 and $100 increments

i posted them here
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