1. Lets Make A Dollar Ring:)

Step 1:

Get a dollar bill & lay it Flat

Step 2:

Fold the bill in 1/2

Step 3:

Repeat last step-(fold in 1/2 again)
(NOTE: you may also fold it again to make it skinnier)

Step 4:

Fold in your corner 'bout 1 inch-(on right hand corner)

Step 5:

fold left hand side in 'bout 1/4 of an inch
(or less depending on size of finger).

Step 6:

7. take the folded 1/2 inch side (on the right)
& roll it over your finger to kinda measure you'r finger size.
then bring the 1/4 folded end down.

Step 7:

8. then fold over the 1/2 inch side so its facing towards left hand side.

Step 8:

9. then bring up the bottom tail part (that has the 1/4 folded
end on it, & tuck it in.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Then for the final finish, fold the last pc. in underneath where
your finger goes, & Put it on.
Good Luck & I hope It Works Out For You!
I dont mean to be critical but the pictures and measurements are most important in this post and neither are accurate. I did make it with your instructual help but it was quite sloppy. Thank you for your efforts.
your doing it wrong. fold the bottom up first then the '1' will be on top.
Nice job, but as lukethebook333 said, search before you post ;)<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Dollar-Bill-Ring-Bling/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Dollar-Bill-Ring-Bling/</a><br/>
neat idea, seen this before. If you fold it just right, you can get the top/bottom right/left1's on the face of the bill to show up in your ring's top. Macro? try a well lit area without flash. Good job!
Thanx for the comment. & thanx for the tip i'll remember that for the next time. Take care:)

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