Picture of Dollar Bill on a String
This one is classic. You attach a string to the underside of a dollar bill and hide behind a corner. And when somebody reaches down... you yank it away. If the victim really doesn't get what's happening, you can keep pulling ant they'll keep chasing. Fun and simple.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
You only need a few, pretty common things for this project:
- A dollar bill (Crisp and clean is more tempting)
- Fishing line (Clear is better, but all I could find was a light blue)
- A small keychain ring (Optional)
- Tape (Scotch)
- Scissors (I couldn't think of anything to put in the parenthesese here)
Some people did this across the street, so when they weren't looking, i hid in the ditch. Then, when they weren't looking again i took the $5 and ran home.
very nice
The N3rD7 years ago
omg, its...like... OSSUM OSSSUM LIKE A POSSUM Ossum like a possum who brushes his teeth, then he floss 'em
i saw a possum yesterday. i named him jerry... then i shot him.
so u live in australia?
deansep7 years ago
You should do that to a bunch of coins, go up to a vending machine stick them in and see if they will come back. Havent tried it yet but it might work.
~~Thats a great idea! I've seen this program on TV about how vending machines work... They have a blade that automatically slices after the coin is picked up by the sensor therefore cutting anything connected to the coin.
Lol i did what u sed and added a lanyard (fitted it with 3pound fishing line) and when somoene gets near i just click the button and it comes to me
Works real well with a bank bag. The kind you make deposits in. Make sure it has a banks logo on the side thats up. Stuff with folded newspaper. Attach the same way and attach to a fishing rod fr more fun... You would not believe who will bite
deansep7 years ago
If you put it in a vending machine it might not work beacuse the vending machine scans the bill.
sxiong7 years ago
i'll do this trick to a bucket of KFC
pyro137 years ago
wow, thats awsome!!! a classic! i gotta do this one again.
Brennn107 years ago
Definitely a classic! I have always wanted to make one of these! Nice work!
lol ...classic... cool, but lol it would b tight as heck if you made something that you hit a button and it retracted back :-)
Classic! (As you said in the beginning.)
Man, I should have posted this, but completely forgot about it.
Though, it is a hilarious classic.
Nice job, you got my vote. And rating.
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