Introduction: Dollar Store Glowing Eyes

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Glowing eye decorations for Halloween for $8 plus tax per dozen.

Step 1: Supplies

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12 Plastic Eyeballs.
12 Battery Operated Tea Lights.
Super Glue

At my local Dollar Tree I found these plastic eye balls six to a package and led tea lights two to a package. You can also find some inexpensive super glue there.

Step 2: Tools

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-Power Drill
-1/16", 1/8",1/4" Drillbits

The opening I needed was 5/16" but I didn't have such a bit on hand so I used a 1/4" and slowly widened it a little. You might might need a different size depending on the size of the rubber flame (2) on your tea lights so 1/4" might be enough, measure twice, cut once.

Step 3: Drill

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Determine the bottom of the eyeball by deciding where it will look. I start with a smaller bit and work my way up, 1/16" (1&2) 1/8" (Not Shown), and 1/4" (3&4). When you get to 1/4" just gently widen the hole.

Step 4: Insert Light.

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Gently work the flame into the hole you just drilled.

Step 5: Secure

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Use a small amount of glue to hold the eyeball in place and you're done!

NOTE: E6000 might be a bit much but was all I had on hand when I took the pictures.

Step 6: Repeat

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Repeat the drill, insert, and secure steps for the rest of the eyes you're making and have a spooky Halloween!

I recommend drilling all the 1/16" holes first then the 1/8" and the 1/4" so you're not constantly changing bits.

Step 7: Batteries

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The lights typically use a large button cell, mine were CE2032, and you can find these at your local dollar store. I found mine two to a package.


Tater Zoid (author)2014-10-28

Great idea. I often visit the dollar store just to see what I can hack together.

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