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So I'm seeing a trend in pedestals.  Everything looks better on a pedestal!  And at the Dollar Tree the other day I was looking at the glass hurricane lamps and candlesticks for a possible centerpiece for a friend's shower when I go a great idea!  Two great things that would look great together!

I guess this idea is not new, but I didn't know that until after I had my own brain blast.  Also, I haven't seen anyone use these in groups at varying heights.

And I could not find an instructable for it, so here it is!  Maybe it will be new for you too!

I am going to upload this to my blog {Clickable Party} as part of my "Wednesday's Party Tips".

Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
This is what you will need to make these neat things!

2 Hurricane Jars from the Dollar Tree ($2)
3 Glass taper candle holders from the dollar tree ($3)
Glass Glue (or hot glue gun & glue)
1 Marker (on hand)
Dremmel (optional)
Rubbing Alchohol (on hand)
Kaelessin4 years ago
Absolutely brilliant! i always felt those were so overpriced and never managed to break down and buy some. Now I don't have to! Thanks a million for the clever idea!

I thought "Hurricane lamp" would be something like the classic oil lamp, or some home-made thing, which burned alcohol or oil. This is pretty, though. Good job.

cjeureka4 years ago
Wow~!~ Thanks so much for sharing this awesome project
twyatt4 years ago
Awesome !!! Expensive and classy looking without the cost. I will for sure be making many of these for myself and as gifts. TY for the idea and for taking time to share.
Well done! Gorgeous!
smit nayee4 years ago
hey its really nice yaaar
The finished product is very elegant, I hope to see more Instructables from you!
Shippygirl4 years ago
Great instructable! Faved for later.
PKM4 years ago
To me "hurricane lamp" means one of these- a metal paraffin (kerosene) lamp with the wick enclosed in a glass globe that will keep burning in wind.  I thought that was where the name "hurricane" came from- if it refers to the shape of the glass I must have been mistaken.

Anyway, these are an attractive table decoration even if they aren't something you'd take out to restart the generator on a stormy night :)
kcallina (author)  PKM4 years ago
That's a good point! In my experience, it can be that too!  

Thanks for the compliment!