Step 10: Final Touches

Now that your tree is all wired up and working, and you have your eggs on, we should probably finish up. It is almost dinner time.

I choose to use white floral wrap to wrap up my branch. This covers the wire and makes it look Eastery. You could also use spray paint, paper, or fabric. Whatever you have around really.

You can also spray paint at this time if you really want to. This would coat the branch and the wires with paint making it look nice.

For the base I choose to use a bunch of glass rock things I got at the $1 Store and then cover those with fake Easter grass. You could just use real rocks if you don't wish to spend the $1.

So that's about it. You'll notice in the video below that some of my LEDs are blinking, flickering, or changing color. I used several different types of LEDs to show you what you could use. In the second tree I made I used diffused colored LEDs, nothing special.

You need to get a real JOB, man! This NOT the way Steve Jobs started.

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