Step 11: Enjoy

As you can see I made two different versions. One version I used different silly LEDs and egg types. The second version I used just plain white eggs with colored LEDs on the inside for color. I also gave the second one a white mummy wrap to make it look very cute.

So that's about it. It's a rather simple project that looks nice. Plus you can save it next year. Maybe even fancy it up and bring it out for Christmas. Shoot, put little pumpkins over the LEDs and you could even bring it out for Halloween.

Below is a video of the second tree using only diffused LEDs.

If you want to get super fancy you can use an Ardunio to make the LEDs do fun things.

Or if you're an analogue junkie you might want to go to the next page...

You need to get a real JOB, man! This NOT the way Steve Jobs started.

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