Sometimes it is just good to have the pins in one easy to reach place

and not having to worry about spilling them all over the floor. This is way I wanted to make this video for you all.

Have fun and craft on!


  • Paper
  • Dollar store frame
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl with sticky back *Contact paper will work as well.
  • Cutting tool
  • Fiber Batting
  • Glue gun *optional

Step 1: Template

  • Taking the picture frame and a piece of paper to trace out the frame. If needed use a ruler to make sure the lines are straight.
  • Measure the frame to see how thick the vinyl needs to be and mark that on the template.
  • Add an extra half inch or more to the outside border, to use to wrap over the edge and onto the back.
  • Cut out the template and make sure to keep the lines as straight as possible.

Step 2: Cutting Vinyl

  • Place template over piece of vinyl, use tape if needed.
  • Cut all sides and inner whole out using cutting tool and a ruler. This will insure your line will be straight.

Step 3: Placing Vinyl

  • Remove backing from one corner of vinyl. Then line it up on the frame, making sure it stays straight.
  • Smooth the vinyl out using fingers.
  • Cut small slits at each corner before folding over the edge. Then smooth the vinyl into the back of the frame.

Step 4: Cutting Batting

  • Batting is usually pretty thin, so folding it a few times will make it easier to get the thickness needed. Pillow stuffing can be used as well, but maybe more difficult to work with.
  • Fold a strip in half and use the frame to measure how wide it needs to be. Trim off any extra.
  • Fold two or three more times, the short way, to make it fits in the whole of the frame a is to the right thickness.

Step 5: Finishing Pin Cushion

  • Flip the frame so that the back is facing up. Place the fabric face down over the frame. If needed center the fabric.
  • Place the folded batting in the center. If the backing is not thick enough place the glass down then place the backing over that.
  • Hold in place while pushing prongs into place.
  • If using glue, tact the fabric to the backing.
  • Cut away any extra fabric and not it is ready to use.

<p>Very creative! I am an avid sewer and will surely use this idea. Thanks!</p>
<p>(note to self: <em>C H R I S T M A S G I F T S</em>) !</p><p>So <em>useful</em>. So <em>easy</em>. So <em>attractive.</em></p><p>So, Thank you, Kia!</p>
That's what I thought too. I am so glad you liked it.
<p>Very cute and easy DYI. Thanks for sharing.</p>
Your welcome, and I am glad you liked it.
<p>I really love this idea. I am a sewer and crafter and always in need of a pin cushion that doesn't take up table space. I have a ton of picture frames, batting, and scrap fabric at home I could do this quickly and easily. </p>
I am so glad to know you love this.

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