Introduction: Dollar Store Pumpkin

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Why pay exorbitant prices for kitschy Halloween decorations when you can make your own cheaply and quickly?

This instructable will show how to make a simple Jack O' Lantern using materials only available at Dollar Stores.

We'll start with this basic design and explore further in other Instructables.

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Step 1: Materials

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Go to a Dollar Store and pick up the following:

Styrofoam Pumpkin
Tea lights ( 2 for 1 dollar)


Anything you can think of that can embellish the pumpkins such as:

Plastic Eyeballs
Pipe Cleaner
Whatever looks good to you.

Step 2: Tools Needed

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Sharpie or any other kind of marker
Razor for cutting into the Styrofoam pumpkin.

Very simple to begin with!

I recommend a hot glue gun for attaching various objects to the pumpkin.

Step 3: Draw the Design on the Pumpkin.

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Draw your design. I'm using a very basic design for illustrative purposes.

Step 4: Carve the Pumpkin

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Carving the pumpkin is easy.

Use the razor to pierce the pumpkin.

Gently use a sawing motion to follow the outline of then design as shown.

Pry the pieces when cutting a section is complete.

Step 5: Carve the Opening for the Tea Light

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Use the tea light a an template to drawn an outline.

Carefully insert the blade into the pumpkin.

Gently use a sawing action to cut the hole.

Pry the cut section from the pumpkin.

Insert the tea light.

That's it!

Step 6: Finished Pumpkin and Variations on a Theme

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