Dollar Tree $12 Tool Kit (Hand Tools)





Introduction: Dollar Tree $12 Tool Kit (Hand Tools)

Simple $11 toolkit composed of hand tools from Dollar Tree.

Step 1: Basics

The basics:
1. Multi-bit screwdriver
2. Joint pliers
3. Utility scissors
4. Work gloves
5. Duct tape

Step 2: Finish the Kit

6. Needle nose pliers with wire cutter (please note that the needle nose pliers can also cut wire using the cutter located at the joint; see picture)
7. LED flashlight
8. Safety goggles
9. 2 screwdrivers
10. 12-in-1 screwdriver with drivers bits and sockets
11. Cable ties of various sizes
12. Tool box



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    The multi- bit screwdriver, the scissors, LED flashlights, can be had for free at Harbor Freight Tools along with the purchase of say the safety goggles or duct tape (1 freebie per purchase) so outfitting a nice to have tool kit like this can be even less expensive too. ☺

    Shipping costs may push it over $10.

    No shipping $ if a H.F. store is nearby. ☺

    Nice selection for a quick and easy general-purpose tool kit.

    Thank you! It seems to be a good mix of price and useful tools.