How to make a shirt out of a dollar
(ps this is my first instructable)

Step 1: How To

First: get a dollar (dah)
Second:with the face DOWN fold the edge right to the inside of the D in UNITED

Step 2: 2

Third: flip over the dollar and fold each side in to the center

Step 3: 3

Fourth: flip over and fold the margin toward you

Step 4: 4

Fifth: Flip over and bend in corners (see pictures)

Step 5: 5

Sixth: Fold out the other corners (see picture)

Step 6: One Last Step

Seventh: Fold up and tuck under collar
<p>A dollar makes the perfect mini shirt.?</p>
<p>i made the shirt and the best that ive seen , easy tutorial the last pictures might not be easy to see but yet it was easy and clear to understand.</p>
<br>i need a head pants shoes tie and arms and mini glasses and hat tell me i f you know any <br>
i found money arms that fit and shoes that fit still looking for a head <br> <br>
awesome! i got a lil money shirt!!
and i just realized that i used YOUR instructible. so kudos to you!
MrStuff how did you do the pants part? <br>
Its another dollar bill. Just fold it lengthwise until it fits into the shirt.<br>(I will ad pics when i get a chance.)
have you done it yet? <br>
okay <br>
what do you mean by MY ible?
i left a comment on &quot;Dollar Bill Shirt by jeffreyf&quot;s page.
LOL nice
Too Blurry
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Dollar-Bill-Shirt/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Dollar-Bill-Shirt/</a><br/><br/>There allready is an instructable made the same way.<br/><br/>Good Job just check next time. =3<br/>
i dint see one with the bottom open sorry i dint reply sooner
It's okay Not like anyone really cares there is 5 paper throwingstar instructables
Or like 25 &quot;Computer Shutdown Prank!!!!!!1!!!!!one!!!!!&quot; 'ibles....
Or 193,248,564 K'nex 'ibles.
yea ikr
more than that (now)
i like it
you spelled should wrong you said&quot;shuild&quot; rofl
yes ik tnk u though
&nbsp;very&nbsp;cool! but the pic is&nbsp;blurry so the last step is hardish&nbsp;
thanks but all you do is fold the end under the collar no pics realy nessacary
<p>VERY cool love it</p>
Animan1 I did it with Regular paper cut to Length : 158mm Height : 65mm This is the size of a Canadian 10$ Bill I thought you might like to add that to the Instructable so people can spent 4 Cents on paper instead of 1$ (American) Or 5$ (Canadian)
the dollar is 15 1/2 cm x 6 1/2 cm
i did the same thing to color it
Dude you have skill!
thanx i do more paper origami than dollar (this is the only dollar project i know :s )

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