Dollar Shirt





Introduction: Dollar Shirt

How to make a shirt out of a dollar
(ps this is my first instructable)

Step 1: How To

First: get a dollar (dah)
Second:with the face DOWN fold the edge right to the inside of the D in UNITED

Step 2: 2

Third: flip over the dollar and fold each side in to the center

Step 3: 3

Fourth: flip over and fold the margin toward you

Step 4: 4

Fifth: Flip over and bend in corners (see pictures)

Step 5: 5

Sixth: Fold out the other corners (see picture)

Step 6: One Last Step

Seventh: Fold up and tuck under collar

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32 Discussions

i need a head pants shoes tie and arms and mini glasses and hat tell me i f you know any

i found money arms that fit and shoes that fit still looking for a head

awesome! i got a lil money shirt!!

Its another dollar bill. Just fold it lengthwise until it fits into the shirt.
(I will ad pics when i get a chance.)