Dollar Store Halloween Upgrade





Introduction: Dollar Store Halloween Upgrade

Tired of paying a fortune for Halloween decor I decided to come up with a $3.00 show stopper from Dollar store parts. Here are the instructions Happy Halloween. BE SAFE!

Step 1: What You Need

Here is all you need. Each piece is a dollar I am figuring a 3rd dollar for batteries. I prefer to upgrade to alkaline for a haunted house all night use.

Step 2: Skull Bottom

Take soft plastic skull and cut a small hole with sharp blade in the bottom of the head.

Step 3: Cut Hole

Leave room on the edges for the duct tape.

Step 4: Assemble Parts

Roll pieces of duct tape around the flasher stick skull to flasher.

Step 5: Complete Check the Video for the Effect

The tape will hold for days and the flasher can be used for other projects in the future.

You are finished Happy Halloween!!



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    We made four and are going to tape them to my mates roomba to give him a scare

    Like it a lot.......great idea

    Cool idea! You should enter it into the Halloween Decor contest.