Picture of Dollhouse for small play set figures

Here is a simple Dollhouse that can be made from two pieces of foamcore and some scrapbook papers or just tissue paper and old magazine cutouts.

Supplies needed:

-2 Pieces of standard foamcore or recycled foamcore signs
-glue and or sticky dot type roll glue ( I like the sticky dot type as it does not warp the foamcore as badly, but it does cost more)
-chip brush or cheap paint brush (for applying water thinned glue)
-Utility Knife and or X-acto knife
-Scrapbook papers, tissue papers, stickers, etc
-Ruler or straight edge for cutting
-Cutting mat (to protect table)

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Step 1: Cut the Foamcore

First you will need to cut the ends off the two pieces of Foamcore so that they are square.  Do this by measuring the shortest width and then make all the sides that size.  Use the utility knife with a fresh blade and make sure to go all the way through when cutting.

Now take one of the square pieces and cut it in half.

This will make the top two pieces that fit together.  The other square will be the floor.

Step 2: Notch out the top two pieces

Picture of Notch out the top two pieces

Now take the two top pieces and find the center and mark it with a pencil line.
Next find the center of the pencil line and make a small mark.

Now cut out a 1/8 inch notch halfway up (where you made the mark) on both of the pieces. 

See photo.

Step 3: Place pieces together to make sure they fit

Picture of Place pieces together to make sure they fit
Now flip one of the notched pieces over and fit into the other notched piece.  They should fit together nicely.  If not adjust cuts as needed. 

The bottom of the X should have the notch at the top.

Now with it put together make a small pencil mark to show which way up.  This will help when cutting out doors.

Step 4: Cut out doors (optional)

Picture of Cut out doors (optional)
Now decide where you want your doors and cut them out.  Use the figures that you will be playing with for height measurement.

amandaggogo3 years ago
Love this! Think I have a new project to work on now, my little sister would love something like this!
I adore this!
inhaos4 years ago
very nice ,very cute!
love it!
copilarim4 years ago
I really like doll houses! And yours is so cute!!
thepelton4 years ago
Old fashioned houses have higher ceilings. Mother's house was built about 120 years ago, and has 13 foot ceilings. So does this old library I am writing this in.
really really cute. But, the walls are a little tall. If this were real size, they'd have like 18' ceilings. Think of the heating bill! :)
NikTom4 years ago
This is so darling. I love your sense of style. These dolls are livin' the high life in this rocking pad!
belsey4 years ago
Good job! I like your choice of papers/colors.