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Introduction: Dollie for Home User

About: Hey! My name is Roey Leon, from Tel Aviv, Israel. On my free time, as a hobby of mine, I love building stuff from scratch. It always starts with a crazy idea, and then I realize that it`s too Dangerous / Una...

Hello Everyone

I needed a cart to carry stuff out of my car, and around the house and between places

So i had to build one !

no more carrying around with your hands ! just place all your goods in this Dollie and drag

Step 1: Mount the Wheels

I got 4 wheels and attached them to the bottom of the Dollie

Step 2: Create a Handle

Cut with a jigsaw tool a part of the Dollie , so you can lift it when ever you need

Step 3: Smooth the Edges

You need to smooth the edges using a Dremel Tool

Step 4: Mount Straps #1

In order for you to mount the straps ,you need to drill holes and then use the Jigsaw to cut the piece

I measured the size of the straps , drilled 4 holes , inserted the blade of the Jigsaw and started the sawing

Step 5: Mount Straps #2

Put the straps inside and create a good knot

Step 6:



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    No, Thank you! I can definitely use this great idea!!

    Necessity is the mother of invention! Simple design, but SO useful. I think I need to make my self one. Thanks for posting.

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    It's so convenient that's it amazing
    Yesterday I went to Ikea, and bought plenty of stuff, including some small sofa, and everything but everything I carried on this dollie, believe me, so simple but so helpful
    Have a great day ?

    I like that! I could definitely use something along these lines. Thanks for the great idea!!!