Picture of Dominator - Psycho Pass prop
A quick guide on how I had made my Dominators from the show Psycho-Pass. The master was made from layers of laser-cut 1/8" MDF with the top layer containing the etched detailing. Most of the difficulty was the molding and casting technique since I wanted to be able to produce these quickly and accurately.  

Materials and tools:
1/8" MDF sheet
1/16" Acrylic sheet
Apoxie Sculpt
Smooth-On Mold Star 15
Smooth-On SmoothCast 300
3/4" Buttonhead screws
Krylon black primer and black satin spray paint

Equipment used at TechShop San Jose:
Makerbot Replicator 2
Epilog Helix Laser Cutter
Standing belt sander

This Instrucatable contains pictures from several different attempts at getting everything perfect, so some of the steps' pictures are inconsistent with the previous. However, the methods are all the same.
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Step 1: Draft

Picture of Draft
First step was to create a vectored image for the laser cutter. Each half of the prop was made from 4 layers of 1/8" MDF, with each layer having it's own specific layer in Illustrator. Scale was achieved by setting the grip size to about the size of one of my airsoft guns, i.e. eyeballing it.

Step 2: Prep

Picture of Prep
After cleaning up the cut pieces and gluing them together, I did the beveling and some other smaller detail work with Apoxie Sculpt, then primed with some filler primer to even out the texture. Sanded with 600, 1000, 2000 then buffed.

Step 3: Mold

Picture of Mold
Masters were nailed to a piece of wood, and build a mold wall out of foamboard. I was testing different silicone for each half, the pink is Mold Max 30, while the green is Mold Star 15. The Mold Star has a higher tear resistance and seems like a better silicone for something with this kind of small detail. 

I would like to create a dominator replica but there is no techshop near me and how hard would it be to make the dominator open as if it were really switching to elimination mode? And I'm also curious how much it cost?

stitch975 months ago

This is soo cool, nice job. I have a question how much did it cost to make this, if you already answered this i'm sorry for asking again?

Segeve9 months ago

Great instructable for a great show.

gulnar11 months ago

It looks fantastic :) Wish I had one of these ;)

janafekin1 year ago
Honus1 year ago
Very nice prop build!
Verticees1 year ago
These kind of look like the pistols from N.O.V.A. 2! Anyways, great instructable!
pzhang11 year ago
amazing! cant wait to make it myself with laser cutter! thanks for sharing.
astrofolk1 year ago
How does the gun "feel"?
hardworkguts (author)  astrofolk1 year ago
Feels pretty good! Not much different than holding an airsoft pistol, though weighs a bit less.
drewbagd1 year ago
WOW so much detail! At first seeing the beveling, smoothing, and painting of the MDF board I thought, 'man that looks great!' THEN you made a complete mold?! Impressive; makes my nerf and cardboard props look hilarious
make me one
Kiteman1 year ago
I've never heard of the gun or the show, but this is a great build, with an awesome end-product.

(See my PM)