Picture of Domino Style Polymer Pendant
You don't have to buy dominoes to have the same style pendant. All you need is polymer clay, a domino style graphic, and your imagination.

Step 1: Where do I start?

Picture of Where do I start?
You need polymer clay, a printed graphic, Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos ®, glue, Craft wire or bail, Triple Gloss or other finish.

Select and mix your desired polymer clay color.

In my example I tried to come close to the color of the beads I was using in my necklace.

Blending polymer is a trial and error process for me. If you are making a pendant that will just be strung on cord, you can mix the polymer to whatever color you wish.

You should print out a 1x2 domino size graphic. I print mine on gloss photo paper. You must make sure the ink is dry and water resistant before you cover it with any gloss. If your ink is not water resistant, you can use public laser printers to print out your graphic designs or spray your printout lightly with a sealant.

Graphic designs can be designed by you or purchased over the internet. Nature’s Sol does sell digital graphic downloads.
Gilly12 months ago

Really pretty pendant and clear instructions.

Carol at Natures Sol (author)  Gilly12 months ago
Thank you so much. I've been gone awhile but am planning on doing some more jewelry for the holiday season. Stay tuned.
jlyvers7432 years ago
beautiful! Thank you.
jlyvers7432 years ago
This is a very clear instructable, thank you for posting. Do you think that an acrylic spray sealer would work?
Yes, that would be great to seal the ink jet pigment. I'm hoping to do an instructable using the new "water slide" decals. I'm also doing to use epoxy as a finish which I think is going to look much better. Stay tuned and thanks for your comment.
Mauigerbil2 years ago
Chips! In your nail polish! Get a new makeover, gurl!!
Actually I was going to photoshop them in - horrible. I just can't keep fingernails or polish it seems lately ☺
Yeah, same here I guess..
great post and very beautiful necklace <3
Cissy Green2 years ago
you are wonderful and i really like this ~
i really like it it is so cool
GoldieLoxs3 years ago
Very different, I like it!
Woww, it's beautiful! :)
This is fantastic! Love the way you used the tape to contain the gloss. :D