Domino Table


Introduction: Domino Table

To create this domino table, we cut all the pieces forming the puzzle in the center of the table. Then we glue one by one and side by side to create the design. Then in the four sides we added slices of a 2x4 all around. Then we place the 4 pieces of wood to mark the game area.

Step 1: Cut All the Wood Pieces in a Diamond Shape

Step 2: Glue All the Pieces in a Wood Panel and Place Together Giving the Form of the Puzzle

Step 3: Cut the Extra

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6: Slice a 2 X 4 to Cover All Around the Four Sides

Step 7: Sand the Surface

Step 8: Make Holes for a Drink Cup Holder

Step 9: This Is How It Ended Up. After This Step , I Applied a Resin Coat to Make It Very Shiny and to Protect the Table From Scratches



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