Domo-Kun is an adorable geeky icon, hailing from the beautiful land of Japan. So, being the caring enthusiast, I slaughtered him, and used his pelt to make a backpack.

Step 1: What you need.

You need some basic items that can be picked up at any JoAnne fabrics. It cost me about 20 bucks.

- Fluffy brown fabric. It is like the stuff that they use for teddy bears. It cost 10 bucks a yard! But I am wise, and I pulled out my 40 percent off coupon!

- Felt. Red, black, and white. It costs about a quarter for a sheet. I used three sheets in total.

- Either a heavy needle and thick thread or a sewing machine.

- Fabric glue.

- Shoulder straps from an old backpack, or store bought straps.

- Zipper. Either from an old backpack, or bought.

- Scissors.

- Pattern for Domo-Kun's face. Take the images from this step, and print them out on an 8x11 (each image needs a full sheet print), then attach together. It's fairly simple; 4 piece jigsaw. My scanner is currently unfunctional, so I improvised!

- Cardboard. You need support in the face, otherwise it droops more than my mom's does. I was thinking about using a foam or plastic, but cardboard is cheap, and easily replaced.

Fabric Buying Tip (eco-tip):

Nowadays, even fabric is getting an eco-boost. Almost every fabric comes with an eco friendly alternative, including felt which is my favorite material ever. This felt is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Look for labels on the fabric that say something like "Eco-Spun". They're easy to spot, and have almost no difference from the regular fabric.

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