Ever wanted a cheap mini speaker? A small speaker that you could bring around with you? Maybe like a mini-cube around 3" speaker? Well my friends and I wanted just that. We wanted to create a speaker for ourselves that was small enough to carry around. After all we love music and with this mini speaker we can enjoy our music anywhere. Also with a speaker we do not have to plug our ears all day long and have those sound waves hit directly in our ears and decreasing our hearing.

Step 1: First Things First: Gather Your Materials

Materials that are needed:
- Electrical Tape
- Speakers (taken out from singing cards)
- Thicker wires (recommended but optional)
- Earphones or Headphones (preferably not broken ones, especially if you are making two speakers)
- Paper to create the box

- Scissors
- Wire-cutter/ Wire-stripper (A scissor or razor would do as well)
- Solder (needed if using alternate wiring) or Lighter
Thanks, worked for me. :-)
This will never be very loud- only the volume of headphones which when not in close proximity to your ear isn't very loud. This is because the signal is not amplified. <br> <br>You can quite easily and cheaply make a simple amplification circuit if you wanted to and add this between the cable and the speaker. <br> <br>The lm386n-1 chip is a good way to go with this- just search that into instructables and there's loads of amps out there, mainly guitar amps but if you set the gain low, they will work just fine as mp3 speakers.

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