This Instructable will show how to easily create a ringtone for your phone using simple programs like iTunes, Garageband, and your Bluetooth File Exchange software. Enjoy!

Step 1: Select a Song

First you will need to open your iTunes player. I used iTunes because it makes it very easy to drag and drop files. Then, find the song that you want to make a ringtone with. I used Seed 2.0 by The Roots because it is a completely, utterly, badass song.
<p>I have been using <a href="https://www.appforpcshub.com/garageband-for-pc-windows-mac/" rel="nofollow">Garageband on my pc</a> for so long. I needed it. Thanks for sharing <br></p>
Thanks for sharing! There are a lot of software to easily make ringtones, I just get information from the <a href="http://www.video-x-ware.com">video converter reviews and ratings</a> for the ringtone makers before viewing your guide.
thank you for sharing ! it is very good !<br /> I only hear about <a href="http://www.ringtone-make.com/" rel="nofollow">ringtone maker</a> before<br /> may be i can have a try !<br />
Crap. I love garageband! but I have a PC so i cant use it:(
I did this exact procedure soo many times. Then, my third enV replacement broke and I stopped. =]<br/>
Here's my problem. i cant go online on my phone. there used to be a site to get a text/download sent right to the phone. None exist anymore to my knowledge. Any one have any other suggestions i need help. I was thinking to just connect my phone to my computer and try to add a sonf that way but that would be trial and error ha !
This is a good idea but after step six you can also use <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bitpim.org/">BitPim</a>. I did this yesterday before I found this 'ible and had a great outcome with recording via Garage Band and saving and converting via BitPim. (Wish I would have seen this first! I didn't know about the drag and drop feature.) THANKS for the new ideas. Good job on this 'ible. <br/>
I could not find the place to convert to mp3.
It says convert to AAC. What version of iTunes is it?
if it gives you that, then it's probably already in mp3 format...
it should be under advanced > "convert selection to mp3." hope that helps...
beautiful. now how do you do it with windows vista?
well, i'm sorry my friend, but I only use windows at work. and, many pc's do not have bluetooth technology (as far as i understand.) So, i guess you vista-ites are stuck...
Nope. Use Audacity. It's free!
I use switch for mac.
dang it
i have an easier way i use myxertones.com
some phones won't allow you to have a file over a certain size (my walkman phone wont let you use a file over 500kb) and since the sound would be crappy anyways, I would recommend setting the advanced mp3 encoding options to variable and 112 kbps
only 500kb???? my fone is a cheap samsung and i can send files up to 5m
no my phone can send any size file but cannot use files as ringtones when they're over 500kb.
My phone will only let me send it to the sounds folder (LG VX8350). I can't set it as a ringtone from the sounds folder. Help! How do I get it to ringtones? Also, When I try "send file", it claims this:
say, if u use a usb dongle for bluetooth cant u connect using bluetooth like thatif your pc doesnt have wireless connection or somethin'? please reply.
you're going out of my league with the dongle talk. i guess you'd have to ask a more avid pc user than myself...
What version of itunes did you use for this.
well i used gb1 for this one, but now i have gb3 which has a feature that makes it exponentially easier to convert to mp3. it basically does it for you.
I couldn't get this to work for me. I have GB3, and I have to click Share>Share to iT. And when I click on it, a little box pops up saying it's doing it, but I can't find it anywhere in iT. Any thoughts? ((P.S. This was AWESOME. I learned alot about GB. Thanks!))
I guess my first suggestion would be to make sure you named your GB project something that you will recognize as your new ringtone. (I usually save it as the song's name + RT for ringtone). Also, GB usually places the files in a default folder with your name as the artist and your name as the album. (Ex: Benjamin's Album). In Itunes, it should create a playlist with your name on the left side of the window. If it doesn't check Music>iTunes Music and then find a folder with your name on it or it may be under "unknown" artist. If that doesn't help I can go through the process again myself with GB3 and see if there might be any more snags. That was probably way too much info haha.
Able to use on windows, all you really need is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.goldwave.com">Goldwave</a> or <a rel="nofollow" href="http://audacity.sourceforge.net">audacity</a> instead of Garageband.<br/>
Err, this is for Macs, I think you could include a Windows guide, and then others will be able to follow it. I can do it on Windows from youur guide, so it wouldn't be that hard to do. Just a suggestion! But nice guide, ringtones are expensive. Keep it up!
I only have a Mac, but i'll work on getting some software for the PC at work. Then I can make a guide for all the less-fortunate ones... :)

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