Introduction: Donald Trump Burger

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The idea of this burger was taken from the Lucky Chip restaurant in London. They have created a special burger named the “Donald Trump”. Unfortunately, it’s only available in London, that is why I have decided to give everyone a chance of trying it. I changed it a little, so even those of you who don't have the stomach for Trump will like the burger.

What you need:


Piece of Pork

Half an onion

Cheese, proudly made in the USA

Pickles, proudly grown in the USA

Bourbon and vanilla barbecue sauce (seems like an odd bbq sauce, but it is said to be very $RICH$ in flavor)

Donald Trump sandwich prick (you can order at Treatstock)

Step 1: Beat the Hell Out of Meat

Picture of Beat the Hell Out of Meat

Take a piece of pork and beat the hell out of it. If you don’t have a special hammer don’t worry, you can use your feast as well. After that, grill it well, along with an onion. Be sure that there is no blood in it, this is not good for the Trump burger.

Step 2: Bun and Cheese

Picture of Bun and Cheese

Take a burger bun and add some cheese

Step 3: Pickles!

Picture of Pickles!

Add some pickles, hopefully they won't leave a sour taste in your mouth. After that, “Lucky Chip” adds a bourbon and vanilla barbecue sauce. I personally suggest adding regular barbecue sauce, anyway no one will know the difference.

Step 4: Grilling Meat

Picture of Grilling Meat

Take the grilled meat and put it on the bun.

Step 5: Onions!

Picture of Onions!

Then, on top of the bun, put some pickles and cover it with grilled onion.

Step 6: Let's Make Burgers Great Again!

Picture of Let's Make Burgers Great Again!

Look familiar? If you want you can decorate it with the 3D printed Donald Trump prick. You can make it here

Hmmm….doesn't it look delicious? Enjoy!


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Markonnen (author)tennisrock2017-02-08


GeekCrafterGirlz432 (author)2016-11-11

Ha ha

parisusa (author)2016-11-08

I like at the end how you said 3D Donald Trump prick! Instead of toothpick. Ha ha!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)2016-10-27

Yeah, I'll vote for this one ...... and why not spray the whole thing in Mexican chilli sauce?

Great idea!)

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