Picture of Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod

I'm sure you've seen what a modded controller can do if you have played online on games such as Call Of Duty, Halo, Counter Strike or Battlefield.

Here's a really simple modification to enable you to shoot your Barret 50 cal like a P90.

UPDATE: There seems to a problem with certain controllers. There are Matrix controllers that use PWM for the LEDs and some which use a different method. To determine the type of yours, remove the battery pack of your controller. Above the right battery terminal, if there is a " TP-19" then it is matrix controller and it will work with this mod. If there isn't a "TP-19" than it is the newer CG version and it will not work.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

First off you will need,

A TT8 Torx Driver
Small Push Button Switch
Some Thin Wire, Any will do (I used IDE Cable)
An Xbox 360 Controller (Wired or Wireless, it works the same)
Soldering Iron
A Drill and Drill bit (To match the diameter of the thread on your switch)
Some form of surface to work on. (I used a window ledge, I suggest you don't)

Step 2: Dismantle

Picture of Dismantle

Taking the battery out reveals another screw, its underneath the barcode sticker.

There's 7 screws Torx screws to remove

With the buttons facing DOWN, separate the two halves carefully, paying attention to the motors.

Step 3: Drill

Picture of Drill

Find the best place to put your switch. Choose very carefully cos once you've drilled you cant remove the hole from your £30 controller!

Once you have found a place, put the two halves back together and double check there is enough room for your switch to go in.

If there is, remove the circuit board so that it doesn't get damaged and drill away.

Step 4: Switchin

Picture of Switchin

Put the switch in your new hole. Make sure that you orient the pins so that they are not getting bent or squashed when the controller is back together. I had to remove some of the motor holder to fit my switch in.

conorh1351 month ago
So which one ?
conorh1351 month ago
So which one ?
conorh1351 month ago
Hey guys quick question do you solder the live wire or the power wire to the led ? Or both ? Need to know asap
wavylays1 month ago

does this work on rock candy controllers?

My controller has TP-19 and TP-20 idk what to do. On the TP-19 the T is a little covered HELP ME!
CyeBorg992 months ago
Thanks for the instructions, worked perfectly!
avlachos3 years ago
Did everything step by step mbut i have a number of problems the push button doesnt fire when activated plus if i hold it down and use RT nothing happans as if it cancels the firing system. Last the player 1 LED doesnt appear dimmly rather not at all.. Any HELP would be VERY awsome ASAP..
maltak avlachos3 years ago
Yea this exact thing happened to me. the player 1 led fell off and the right trigger doesn't work. 

***update*** this does still work!! Cod bo2! But I got the wrong button so i have to hold the button in order to use the right trigger! And maltalk don't know if ur still in here but the reson ur trigger is not working is either it's the same problem as mine or u just have solder or wire touching another point
***update*** this does still work!! Cod bo2! But I got the wrong button so i have to hold the button in order to use the right trigger! And maltalk don't know if ur still in here but the reson ur trigger is not working is either it's the same problem as mine or u just have solder or wire touching another point
Brunissimus7 months ago

Could it work with the "B" button? How to do it?

I did everything right but my switch is activating by its self I have to hold it so it will not fire please help

lol i just posted a comment about that hopefully it will help you

ShortbusX4 years ago
IMO it really is simpler to solder the second wire to the right rumble pin. I couldn't get my mod to work with the led soldering spot, but the rumble pin worked like a charm :O

What do you mean rumble pin?

the rumble pin is the motor which vibrates the controller there is an negative and positive wire

Diablllo.9 months ago

idk who still sees this page but me personally used these steps back in 2008 to mod my controller and figured out that i was using the wrong push button the button shown in the pic is an normally open push button meaning when you solder one point the led the negative side and the other wire the motor what happens it will keep shooting until you hold the button

so i switched the button to an EVQ-PB with the four pin and solder the two wire to each of the corners and it worked fine

while the LED as an NEGATIVE and a POSITIVE side make sure to use an resistor on the led for it not to burn out if its to hard to solder the wire just find another negative point on the controller

using the right wire Gauge is important to

alecreiter10 months ago

I didnt get it right

Here's the thing, I would like to add a new button to my original Xbox S-Controller (the old Xbox), I would like to add an extra left trigger, I noticed that it has 3 pins insted of the regular 2 pins, I went ahead and tested and it showed me that the two conducting when I pressed the trigger were the two on top... So I installed my two pin button with those two pins in the controller, leaving the extra pin free, the lower one. I use that button to fire in Halo 2, so I went to test my controller and when the game starts It works, but then I use the originall left trigger the new button stops working... What can I do to fix this problem? Has it to do with the extra free pin? Or do you think it is a problem directly of the button? I recycled it from an old TV.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day.

I did everything exactly as listed, i have the controller with the silver resistor in the middle and all that happened is when i press RT nothing happens unless i hold down the switch. like when i dont it cuts the circuit.
CasperWade2 years ago
The LEDs are hard to solder and have a strong joint. Is there any other points you can solder this to?
redneck20233 years ago
I know this is an old post but i was wondering if anyone could help me... i did everything right and the trigger still works but the rapidfire button acts as a secondaey trigger and not rapid at all... what did i do wrong? it worked perfect before i soldered everything down
Is it an older controller? because if its a new one it wont work trust me i found out the hard way
sroethler2 years ago
where did you get that push button?
you guys aren't missing out on anything. rapid fire mod only makes it so that you don't have to keep slamming down the trigger to fire. it doesn't add anything.
c0deater3 years ago
brandonSOUR3 years ago

I have had problems with the soldering portion of this project. I have tried two seperate times to solder ( one on a matrix board one on a CG board). I cannot get The negative terminal of D21 (or D1 on the CG board) to solder to my wire. I ended up pulling the LED out with my wire both times. Is there any trick to this? Am I applying too much heat?

I am using a nexxtech 45W soldering iron.

Thanks in advance.

- BS
itzandy3 years ago
lol you melted your controller in pic 7
cdombach3 years ago
TheRealNuge3 years ago
Hey guys Ineed your help. What do you solder the wire to when you solder the wire by D21? All I have is a LED Light. Is that what I Solder it to?
ok so the torx screws in the controller shown r different than the ones in mine. mine r the security screws with a pin in the middle. anyone know where i can get a security screwdriver small enough?
you can find it in every hardware store and there its saiyng that its T8 but I have a T9 which is perfest 4 all the screws u want 2 untighten in xbox and accessories
I just got a set of those security screw drill bits from my local hardware store. I had to grind the bit on the sides a little though to allow it to unscrew the screws in the bottom tips of the controller
I used a small flat head screwdriver and chipped the little pin away, you canalso buy torx screwdrivers that have a hollow tip that are designed for those screws. hope that helps.
thank you and yes it does help
right i want to do this mod it seems very simple, however i cant find them red tactile buttons, i tried ebay ans stuff but no luck. website please? and also define any cable, red, black? thin, fat??? thanks
Xbox Modz3 years ago
I have the "other style" controller, and ive already drilled the whole and added the push button. If i solder and finish the process will i be able to use both trigger buttons? (the standard and added) I know the rapid fire wont work but using two triggers would be nice.
red fox3 years ago
how big does the switch have to be
davidt1233 years ago
Can I use my controller if it doesnt have the crystal or whatever you call it in the middle of the circuit board, if not where do I get a controller like that?
bsmith504 years ago
does it matter how thick your wires are? i plan on modding my controller soon have some thinner wires want to make sure they will work
Thicker is fine if you don't short anything out thinner's just easier to work with in this case.

This wire in this instructable is really easy to get if you've got any old computer's or old computer parts lying around you can take the Gray IDE ribbon cables apart and use that.
could you use a common ground instead of the LED? or is it backwards you need the led for the 3.3V in power source

A regular 555 in astable mode should work nicely if you don't have pwm LEDs on your controller.
You need the LED+ for the 3.3 power also this Mod will ONLY work with that LED ie... If you soldered to the player 1 LED you must be Player 1 for it to work this mod uses Pulsed Modulation also instead of using that BIG OL' push button get some 5mm Tact Switches they fit almost anywhere. Hope this helps
btop (author)  DaddyDeadLegg3 years ago
In all the others controllers I modded I used tactile switches, theyre a lot easier to use and you're left with more room to work with inside the controller.
Just a Quick Tip to those who haven't used a Tact Switch before "Super Glue" is too thin to fasten it to anything use Hot Glue or some other Thicker Epoxy..
ztaffa4 years ago
hey umm is there an alternative to soldering, can i use hot glue?
no youll ruin ur controller it will short out the circuit bored
How does it short out a circut board? I'm only asking bc i'm new to soldering and don't want to screw this up bc i only have one of the old style controllers.
Hot glue will not short out your circuit board. It is a thermo-plastic and non conductive. I use hot glue all the time for temporary connections, but I always use solder for permanent connections. I would use solder in this case.
ikoons3 years ago
so i just made this... and when i hit the rapidfire it fires like the trigger and the trigger fires normally aswell and when i try to hold the trigger and the button it wont fire at all... anyone know what i did wrong?
tkc9514 years ago
so right now im looking at my ("modded") controller i sodderd wire on the d21 and the middle prong thing out of the 3 and all ya know?? anyways it acts like another trigger its somewhat faster but not for me at all i got the switch and all the 2 prong but i dident sodder it i just wrapped the wire around it and i just used electrical tape and all but its not working at all any suggestions???
and mine had the crystal type things too
tkc9514 years ago
so right now im looking at my ("modded") controller i sodderd wire on the d21 and the middle prong thing out of the 3 and all ya know?? anyways it acts like another trigger its somewhat faster but not for me at all i got the switch and all the 2 prong but i dident sodder it i just wrapped the wire around it and i just used electrical tape and all but its not working at all any suggestions???
cgreene34 years ago
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shinndigg6 years ago
this doesnt work for me. it doesnt fire at all unless i hold the trigger and press the switch (or vice versa), and then it only fires at normal rate. just realized i put a normally closed button in there. do i have to have normally open?
your rapid switch works the opposite way of the regular one, i think you have to hold it so it doesnt fire like crazy, the when you let go it fires
yes youdo
I made a rapid fire mod like this, but it doesn't do continuous rapid fire. I have to keep pressing the button for it to fire, and by button I mean the mod one, not one thats already on the controller. its still a lot faster than just using a trigger button, but it doesn't do what this video shows. any help? oh and it works on CoD5, but only to an extent. If you use it too much then the game will detect your using a mod, and stop you from using it. (I.e. continuous rapid fire from a rifle.) but if you use it on a hand gun such as the .357 magnum, the game is less likely to pick up on the mod. i suggest using it with last stand.
maybe there was something wrong with your switch theres tons of posibbilities that could of caused that problem
CcR3aCtIoNZ6 years ago
does anyone know for sure if it works for cod 5
no, cod5 has a rapid-fire detector and temp imobilizes you.
no it doesnt... Black Ops has that though...
blacks does have it but not for the pistols and on zombie it isnt patched that depends if you did your mod right
i have moded quite a few controllers and have noticed if you don't have a resistor soldered on it your rapid fire is not smooth its choppy!!!! don't believe me just look @ the video he doesn't even empty the clip b/c it confuses the game b/c it shoots at like 30+ fps also with this mod it doesn't work on xboxlive which every one who does this mod want's it to work with!!!
btop (author)  WindowsHacka6 years ago
It does work on xbox live, just not COD 5. I cant see how a resistor would change anything. Does yours work with 5?
yes it does i played it online, infact its the game that works best with this mod all the other games are variant with their gun fire speed and limit the pulses making some guns work better then others
yes and still does but its almost pointless unless you do zombies.
cod 4 geek btop6 years ago
guys it does not work on cod 5 koz they made a patch for modded controlers.
I have seen plenty of people do it on cod 5, because almost every game I join at least one person is and they are not using double tap (increased rate of fire it you do not know what that means)
india delta india october tango
it will work just as long as you have vibration on and if it soldered to the positive terminal (right prong) of the motor thing mybills was talking about a few posts up. i did this mod today on my friends and my controllers. it works great! and on xbox live for COD4.
i think your just making up lies because i just played almost all the cod games with the moded controller using this tutorial including world at war online and it worked, but yes it is sort of true about it being sort of choppy but i really dont think a resistor has to do with that i thinks its either your wire isn't soldered closely enough to the pins or the pulses are so fast that it skips like 1 or two bullets
have u tried a 555 timer? there like a buck at radio shak and it gives a pulse (which should work better for shooting)
benz_z benz_z6 years ago
and (don't quote me on this) i think it MIGHT (no guaranties) work with the new controllers
btop (author)  benz_z6 years ago
Yes it would. I would, but i need to find £30 for a controller first...
Gun Maniac btop6 years ago
Good project but why hasnt anybody thought about building a seperate circuit that you could just plug into the controllers? I mean take the MAIN ins from the trigger and hook up a 555 flasher circuirt with a variable resistor to determine te speed, if thepatch works the way I think it does then you should be able to set the variable resistor to fire at high speed avoiding the patch and by not using the rumble pack!
benz_z btop6 years ago
tell me how it works out i dont wanta break anything
sinner6975 btop6 years ago
dude ive tried this and im doing everything u have done and i cant get the switch to do anything
I think you really don't need the momentary button, the button acts like an on/off switch. If you solder the two spots together with a piece think wire long enough to reach both points i think it'll still work and you won't need to buy the momentary button and drilling a hole on your controllers frame. But if you dont buy a button the controller will shoot only rapid fire all the time unless you de-solder the wire and put new ones connecting to the push button.
sch1sm4 years ago
I just went to modzstore to purchase a kit to install. Its cheaper than buying a security t8 torx needed and want more modes.
jrash4 years ago
Does it work on a wired controller?
do you have to solder the wire to the switch or just attach it?
you just attach it, but soldering it ensure that it wont get disconnected, and makes the connection stable.
so soldering is the safe way to go?
I would solder it, then put tape around it ensuring you don't move the wire and create a short circuit.
how would that happen unless you are going in and out of the controller or you strip the wire back more than needed? Putting tape on every modified electronic junction is a newbs way of consuming time.
I would say yes, i am very amateur at soldering, but this project is rather simple, and now i think i kind of got the hang of it.
mstrpth6 years ago
WOW!! i'm an electronic engineer and some of you are killing me. some things that i thought were completely basic you guys don't know. 'where do i buy the switch'!! are you kidding me, use your head! 'does the color of the controller matter' c'mon.. if you are asking these kind of questions please get on ebay and buy a controller. you're just going to hurt yourself and probably burn your parants house down!
the color of the controller matters only if you can't find a red button...shhh they might fall for this.
People are seriously asking that...?

Just goes to show you what type of people buy game consoles like xbox 360s... and not to mention the xbox live community... >_>
blindpyro4 years ago
Don't get me wrong, well made instruct, your biggest problem is the so called "good old gas". My weller 35 watt is overkill but I use it soo much that I can make due. For what you are doing, get yourself a 15 watt wired iron. Also I had a question for you, did you tin any of your wires?
tharz4 years ago
just finished mine, tried it on portal 2. it works!!!
4tun4 years ago
My button just acts like another trigger. I have a crystal on my board and have a TP3 controller. Any ideas?
qharman4 years ago
Help i plugged a modded Xbox 360 controller into my PC to see if it would work which it didn't and now when i plug it back into my Xbox and try to turn the modded back on it just rapid fires and reloads and shoots again and i can's stop it anyone now a fix.
do you have to weld the wires to the pins on the switch or what because im confused
austincox5 years ago
ok wtf i followed all you instructions and soldered to the led and the middle point but it doesn't work and now i cant even use the middle button and none off the leds come on HELP me
I don't know 100% is this works, but I saw the rapid fire mod done with different solder points.  If you look at the third picture I can probably describe what I saw.  The three point solder point (the one that is soldered to the one in the middle of the three vertical) is good, but I saw the other wire was soldered to the point on the right of the two horizontal below the 3 vertical on that third picture.  
So solder.... O
And then solder below that...
            O O
That way, the wires don't interfere with the LED.  That will probably work.
that is how i wired mine. that bottom solder point goes to the rumble pack. it works great.
LOL, bro yuo are supposed to solder right under the player 1 led, not on it...
scoie4 years ago
Instead of running my wire to the p1 led i ran it to the right prong on the right rumble pack. it works great, but does not fire evenly. is there a way to fix this?
maltak4 years ago
Omg! I did this in my Xbox 360 elite controller and now the right trigger is broken!
does the mod work on x box original controllers
87bhoward4 years ago
where did you get the button/ switch

mikeroberge4 years ago
does it matter what kind of wire i use
it says any wire will work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It probably doesn't matter... as long as its wire. I would suggest solid core wire though, because its alot easier to solder with!
My controller worked beautifully for about a year but all of a sudden it stopped working! i have checked all my solder points and they are all fine, i have the right controller (because it has worked before) and i have the right button. My right trigger has stopped working and my turbo button has become my fire button (when the button is released). This only works when my controller is running through the play and charge kit (I have rechargeable battery pack in), i cant even shoot if the play and charge kit is not in. Has my controller died??? can anyone help me.
jlewis-14 years ago
where do u get an ide cable? or what else can u use?
I just modded my P10 controller and completed it as shown, works...LIKE ANOTHER CURRET TO THE TRIGGER. i have and used exactly what it says you need, one thing that might make it "not work" is the resister, I DON'T HAVE ONE ON MY CONTROLLER
try a VERY small ceramic capacitor. it will work the same, but just wire it to the trigger. the crystal sends pulses, and the capacitor charges and discharges if there is current. just put the capacitor after the trigger, probably with at least one switch, a three proger, and you should get this to work on any 360 controller, or PS3.
and if small capacitor, how small is small? specifications of any sort?
depends on how fast you want it to fire. the smaller the faster. i dont know the frequency of the controller crystal.
so in other words... experiment!!!!
what is a three proger?
so do you solder the wire to the player 1 LED still with the ceramic capacitor? you should make an instructable on it. I would rather not go the rapid fire CHIP mod so this would be great. I have a CG circuit board instead of the Matrix motherboard like in this tutorial. so i need to go another route.
if you wire it directly to the power then it doesnt matter what player is using it. it will still work.
ok, makes sense, does the capacitor have to be ceramic? i looked at the ones at radioshack and they looked pretty big, i am not to electronic savvy but by the specs it looked as if this was the smallest they had = 0.047µF 50V Hi-Q Ceramic Disc Capacitor .  are the microfarads and the voltages ok or do i need to go somewhere else to find even smaller?
ceramic are lower capacity/voltage. you only need enough to trip the trigger circuit. the microfarad are the capacity, that is the num you car about, and the voltage should be fine over proly 30 volts. you might want to get an assortment. and wire the circuit with out soldier, or tape to make sure it is enough... they should be very cheap.... looking at this, it should only cost like 5 bucks how the guy made it. so the extra capacitors should only be like an extra five...
hey thanks man! i wasnt sure which one i should concentrate on, farads or volts. you have helped me out more if not the same amount as the instructable itself. As I said before, you should make one yourself, if not im working on this one as i do this project, and if i do end up going your route i will be sure to give credit to you. but if you do end up wanting to make one then i will just let you do so.
i am ps3. i had a 360, but like the ps3 better. and i do have an instructable up, but im pretty sure it sucks. i have a second ones ive been "workin on" for like 6 months. tried to post, but apparently i dont have enough pics on it.
and if you want to put a potentiometer inline before the capacitor then you can adjust the charge rate, which is the fire rate in game.
supermc4 years ago
I killed my Player 1 LED could anyone help me?
just go to Radio Shack... buy a very small LED and solder it on top of the old leads!!
DrWeird1174 years ago
If I take out the rumble motors, will the mod still work? And be safe to use?
btop (author)  DrWeird1174 years ago
If you were to just unplug them from the circuit board i see no reason why it wouldnt work.
DrWeird117 btop4 years ago
I melted the solder and took them off. Thanks. But now it won't turn on. I screwed up.
maybe the power goes through them then goes to something else
actually ive had this happen and it doesnt run through the rumblers it actually has to do with either the resistor which is key to this mod or your soldering if you burn the resistor it overloads the controller and it wont turn on or you put to much solder on one point and completely fried the port which means in either case you need to go out and buy a new controller.
NeverToFall4 years ago
Hey, I was just wondering what button you got? I have a few SPST momentary N.O. buttons, and I was wondering if they would work. Thanks.
technoguy944 years ago
Wait. You had to use a torx bit to open it? Mine's the plain old wired white one, and it just has Philips screws.
toureg894 years ago
1. is that shiny silver rectangle supposed to be the crystal?

A. if it is, my is in the wrong spot. my is one the side that does not have joysticks.

2. does that mean this mod wont work with my controller?

3. if so, and i i need to use the ceramic capacitor, where do i solder the connections?

4. i think i read the power is one of the connections for the capacitor? is it the positive connection or the negative connection? does it matter? and where does the other connection go? does the other connection go to that middle pyramid on the right of the joystick side in pic 3 of the soldering section of the tutorial?

5. besides the capacitor, are there other things to solder?
wolfmanjeb5 years ago
Anyone know if you can do this for the left trigger as well, with a separate button?[rapid fire for both triggers]
why would u want that you need to be able to pull up your scope on CoD games unless ur a major sprayer in that case just get rapid fire for a sub machine gun and spray away
 Akimbo pistols.
i read in a previous comment that you cannot for this specific method of rapid fire mod, you could either A) do the rapid fire CHIP mod and rig it up with left trigger, or B) go with Pale_Flyer's suggestion of using a very small ceramic capacitor to the left trigger
It works but if i put brand new batteries in it it wont anyone know why?
bowmaster4 years ago
Just drink a bunch of Mountain Dew, Vault, Bawls, etc. before you game. You will be shooting like a crazy drugged mofo. 'Cause you are.
tvaiello4 years ago
Is it the matrix or PWM controller that does have the crystal?
Brett_z44 years ago
Whats another way to open the stupid thing, its kinda ticking me off haha
What you need to do is get a very very small flat head screw driver that can fit inside the star on the Torx Screw and pop the little bumb on the inside of it out. Then use a regular T9 Torx Bit to unscrew it. Sorry mypetfrigg but your wrong.
if you don't have a T9 Torx SECURITY screwdriver it probably won't open on a wireless controller. If you just have a T9 Torx then that is your problem.
Ok i did it it works for cod4 and mw2 fal and g3 are a bit glitchy handguns are perfect in both games. Barret50 and wa2000 are great. Blackops does work but only the handguns. Halo reach i think only plasma pistol. This is very tricky to get to the led it is best is a person holds wire to led and another solders it, but otherwise it is a great somewhat simple mod
a7xcoreya7z4 years ago
Became member just to comment, when i touch a wire on the middle thingy sticking up it shoots and disconnects controller, this is with a switch tho like on/off im geting a button later ill try with it and then post on here if it works.
you have a DPST i think is the right alphabet soup, it means the button can be "on" wither pushed, or not pushed. the center will be your power in, and the one side is the out. check this BEFORE you solder next time. all you need is a battery, a light/motor/buzzer, and some wire. then connect one end fo your ciruit to the center pin, and try one of the outer pins. if it turns on when it is depressed, GOOD JOB! if not, use the other pin
The controller should be turned off when soldering the wires.
Guardian8884 years ago
Does it work on COD 6 MW2 ? Thanks
CyborgGold4 years ago
I'm having an issue with mine. I dont currently have a copy of CoD, got robbed and lost most of my games. I tested it out on GRAW and honestly... I can fire the pistol faster myself than the rapid fire mod. Is this a GRAW speciffic issue?
The makers of the games set fire rate limits on guns. It is game and gun specific.
jufreese4 years ago
If your reg trigger doesn't work you could of pulled the solder pad away from the trace on the circuit board....to fix this you need to scrape away some of the green mask on the board and solder a wire to that and then to the leads poking through.
junits154 years ago
I have an afterglow wired controller, it has a crystal on the back, Im going to try it anyway because I have a feeling that it DOES have PWM, but the crystal was moved to the back so it would look better through the clear plastic.
It didnt work, but it was fun to try, I eventually broke down and just did it to my wireless controller. The one difference was that I didn't solder directly to the LED, Instead i followed the trade to one of those circles. then i sanded off the green and soldered there.
lofty16 years ago
they say if you have eveything connected you should place your batterys and stuff and you should get a dim light out of your LEDS. i have that but it seems not to work. niether my reg. trigger works nor my rapid. PLEASE HELP ME
mine has that problem too. exept i dont even have a dim light
lofty1 when you soldered it did you solder the wire to the thin silver line by your player 1 led?
Yeah I had the same problem. take the mod off. it won't work for that controller. It did this to my BLACK ELITE controller. (It doesn't work for these type of controllers due to the TP2 and/or resistor on it or something). To get the normal trigger to work again I pushed in the white slot where the rumble pack goes because directly behind it are the soldering points for the trigger. When taking the rumble pack out it slightly disconnected it so simply push it back onto the controller for a tighter fit.
mine works fine and i dont get the dim light but like i told willy check sodder point 2 cant touch the top and bottom sodder points
stirlo14 years ago
i have a question with the 2 wires connecting to the button is that just 2 wires soldered to the one spot or the 1 wire?
StockdaleA4 years ago
I did this and it worked for about a week but somehow the wire pulled the led off any advice?
maxpower494 years ago
mine kinda works it will shoot once when i push the button and sometimes it will rapid fire but i also lost my led is there anything i can do?
megapun134 years ago
Good. Cant wait to try it out. Ill message you if worse comes to worse,happy modding. P.S. Have you ever wondered if microsoft puts fake tutorials online so people give up and have to spend money to replace a broken controller? I sure have.
bmx__chris5 years ago
my controller broke on this mod
Yor doin' it wrong.
Wow, karma hit me good. I broke mine too, LOL.
bmx__chris4 years ago
Nahh I didn't do it wrong the wire pull my led off.
Bezzaboy1235 years ago
 I Have Done This To A Standard White Controller With A Flick On/Off Switch, It Worked Perfectly Fine First Time. Then I Tried It On A Black Controller With The Same Button Your Using, And I Cannot Get It To Work Unless I Hold The Trigger And The Button Down, Any Ideas Why??
- Thanks
Hey, i'm using the same button aswell, however the mod works backwords for me so i don't want to soder it when i test the button it fires when the button is not pressed but when i press it it stops... Any suggestions. 
its because they sell  "push buttons" in two forms. NC or NO, which means normally (or naturally) closed and normally open. This circuit in itself is an open circuit so the switch needs to be a NCL switch, so that when depressed OPENS the circuit. simple and easy. so how do you fix it in a nut shell...go back to radio shack and grab NCL momentary buttons :D hope that helped
Otherwise known as 'push to make' or 'push to break'
DUDE! Your misleading people. You need a NORMALLY OPEN switch, because closing the circuit makes the trigger fire. With a NORMALLY Closed switch you trigger will continuously fire until you push it in. Trust me I've used both. USE A NORMALLY OPEN SWITCH from Radio*Shack* $3 for a 4pack
ah shoot thanks that's what i meant sorry people that info is correct from Evan Spartan naturally open, or some call it normally open so like he said. once again sorry to all this effected. :P
What you need to do is get a 'Normaly Open' or N.O. temporary pushbutton switch. The circuit in an N.O. Switch means the cuircut is an open cuircut, not a closed. When the circut is closed, the electricity runs through and shoots, but ur button makes it do it all the time. So go 2 radio shack and get the N.O. Type.
zeon4 years ago
poor halo controller...*single tear rolls down cheek* he never saw it coming
sniper69jr zeon4 years ago
imagine this in left 4 dead
that would be sooo much fun
that is an interesting way of doing it i have a friend who did it where he had a computer to activate is rapid fire mod just like what you did except without the button sticking out of the controller pretty neat.
jcouch12275 years ago
I have read at other sites that if you have the first person LED labeled D21 you shouldnt solder to the negative end but right below the R21 point a little bit down from the LED. Can anyone confirm this?
as if Microsoft didn't want them messing with their products, they left a pin in the screw head making it hard to get them out, how did you even open the damn thing?!
Sorry to answer my own question..... But, after searching youtube and things, it works great to get a small screwdriver, like you get in a micro screwdriver set, and stick it in there and pry the little pins out. if you bend them a little they just snap off.. hope this helps anyone with the same problem.
Also, when doing this mod. i used a 5/64th six sided bit i found as part as a bit set for a screwdriver. worked beautifully.
Or you could use the correct torx, a T8 H which has the hole in the middle so you don't have to break the pin off! I found mine at a local hardware store in the torx section. hope this helped!)
*NOTE* the 5/64th was used instead of the Torx.
i actually took a real small drill bit (smaller then the screw head opening) and when my drill applied pressure it snapped off =). then i used an allen wrench and that did it
they sell ones that have a hole in the middle
giga6215 years ago
ok i have a green contoller just like that but mine is a C15. but my friends is a P13 so idk if this willl work. is yours a C15? (take out the battery pack and look at the bottom left)
uhhh, no sorry. i think it has to be a tp19. (older controllers, look on the right battery terminal.) i have old and new controllers and yours seems to be a newer controller.
Can you use it to snipe? or will it take you out of snipe
yeah i tried to make a mod but my controller didnt have a transistor so now my mod button just acts like another trigger
MoNkEr Do0d5 years ago
hey does this work for mw2
It will send trigger presses rapidly for any game. Results may vary
what is IDE cables????
he got the wire form IDE (old hard drive) cables. Any wire will work fine.
Redneck25 years ago
I hope you have extended mags cause your going to run out of ammo fast.
usbmod5 years ago
everyone b careful if u have a chat pad, leave enough space for the led to fit as well as the pad
usbmod5 years ago
ur poor halo odst controller lol
usbmod5 years ago
does this work for mw2 pistols? like USP? if someone could check it would be much appreciated
senor taco5 years ago
So, if I were to accidentally destroy the first LED with my soldering iron, will the mod work if i use the second LED as a solder point? The controller still works, it just uses the second LED to represent player one.
unmdec5 years ago
I'm telling Microsoft! lol...nah they prob. already know since they listen,watch,read everything you do that is related to microsoft...WE ARE FU(k3D....its the same with google!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
hello the better controller to use would be the older one. but first take your battery pack out and if you look at the mother board in the bottom left corner if it says tp3 u r sweeeeet!
what if mine says c15, will it work?
Hi .. i did try to do it but i made a mistake.... i blew the 1st player led.... where else i can connect the cable, please answer me to my email please .. my controller is an halo 3 ( green one) it says tp3 under the battery lower left corner. email me to jonarivera@gmail.com
I'm about to do this mod for my controller.. and I want to be absolutely sure where exactly to solder onto the LED. Do I solder it on the LED itself, but on the very bottom left of it? Do I solder it into the hole below the LED 1? If it's in the hole, how in the world will I solder it into there? I'm really confused. Some help would be awesome! (pictures, links, detailed description?) Thank you so much!!
elnicko5 years ago
i cant get this to work with halo 3, all the momentary button does is act as the right trigger and only fires once with a pistol or any non-automatic gun instead of rapid fire!! Please help :)
RapidModder5 years ago
Yea...um does this work with Halo 3?
Arirox5 years ago
Is This Possible With A PS2?
ive modded my pad but when i use the rapid fire button it also moves my aim to the right :/ anyone know what i have done and how to solve it?
flargman985 years ago
winn a nnt resister work or does it have to be cmt ?!?!?
what went wrong? I have it exactly as shown. After I go and test it out, it's still single shot? what is this.....just basically adding another current to shoot? But the tips were VERY useful, PLEASE get back to me as soon as possible
manmelvin5 years ago
Is it possible to wire a second switch to the left trigger to make the mod akimbo?
Lealla5 years ago
i soldered everything correctly and have yet to test the mod (school project) but when i hit the button it turns on the player one LED *facepalm* should this affect anything?
mag1kjak5 years ago
Are the matrix Controllers the ones with the crystals
ok this works with these soldering points on my wireless controller but do u know if it will work on my wired controller it has a resistor in the middle but when i touch a wire from the solder in the middle to the led it does nothing is there another point to solder to on a wired controller and if i move the wires around it will make my guy start spinnin around and zoomin in lol any ideas
cujomojo5 years ago
just joined, because of your post about rapid fire mod.  I am doing it now, but noticed when i use one wire to touch the two sodering points, that niko belic in GTA4 just twiches like he is going to shoot , but never does,,, wondering if I should hold off on soldering because of this.. herd that some people have a problem with new batteries,, iam using new batteries now.. so i have the resister, went out and bought an older matrix controler, d21, just like your pics. so everything is fine,, iam just at the testing faze using on wire to touch both soldering points from your instructions,, but again when i do this in game play not online,, niko twiches really fast like he is going to shoot but no bullets come out.. please let me know what you think.. thanks
coz_ukuk5 years ago
right this sounds amazing easy to do but i would like to know if this mod works for call of duty modern warfare 2. Anyone who has done this mod succesfully could you give me some feedback and let me if it works on the new call of duty thxs.
it works on mw2 really well but i would sagest how to do the new mods the stelth to not get band for modding
Rapid fire mods work on Modern Warfare 2, though the effects are only visible in semi automatic weapons. Any pump-action, or bolt-action, type weapon still need reload time, and all automatic weapons fire at about the same rate.
An Villain5 years ago
Sexy1235 years ago
well my D21 LED came off cuz Im not an expert and i eventually got the solder to stick to the board where it needs to go. The other one is right to but the mod doesnt work. It is just another trigger. I dont know alot about mods so I need as much help as I can get or at least advise from anyone on how I  could fix it.
Hi, I got the some buttons as modman779. The problem I am having is that i do not have to push the button for it to start working. Also if i am using a automatic gun in COD4 i cannot get it to stop shooting any suggestions???
 Look on the back of the bag of buttons,  you want the ones that say  " normally closed,  not the ones that say "  normally open""  they look identical but work completely opposite, same thing happened to me :D  good luck.
Project75 years ago
 Did these a few months ago. the process went smoothly enough, but i ran into a problem in the end.

the controller is constantly firing (tested in multiple games)
i checked to make sure i had the crystal before i started, so that's not the problem.

I don't see why this should happen, physically it looks correct, might have to look a bit closer...

ideas? thanksss

you bought a momenary OFF switch instead of a momenatr ON switch, in other words, it cuts the power to the trigger when you press it instead of giving the trigger power.
I'm not entirely sure but its possible that your particular switch may be an always open switch vs. an always closed switch. If I remember correctly, different switches work in different ways. Some will be closed (meaning the electricity will be constantly passing through and thus triggering your gun in game) and some switches are always open (unless you push the button, which closes the circuit and likely is what the author used for this DIY.) Im not sure which he uses but Id wager hes using an always open circuit (which wont fire until he depresses the button). Just my two cents.

Maybe its the switch
jdb430k5 years ago
Hey my right trigger just stopped working all together anyway to fix it?>
what if it doesn't have a resistor
If it doesnt have a resistor(a small oval silver box in the controller) then it will not work, They have to be in the front of the controller, if on back, it CANNOT be done. I hope this answers your question
Can't be done as in doesn't work? Or can't be done as in not physically possible?
judster5 years ago
ok ive followed everything to the tee. ive soldered to the correct places. what is happening now is: when the button i installed is pushed by itself, it does nothing. however when i press and hold the RT button then press the button i installed, it will shoot on the release of the installed button...so what did i do wrong?
dude i just modded my controller an my fried just offer me 75$ to do his!!!!!!!!!!
austincox5 years ago
how do you mod the new kind ?? (with the Christal on the back ?? ) helps me
the soldering point for the d21 doesn't work for me it keeps setting it off without me touching it. Any ideas

juneapaluna5 years ago
Alright, sorry if you have been asked this but, has anyone of you ever been banned or kicked from this. I really want to do this mod and won't use it too excessively. - Thanks
I have herd that you can be kicked/banned if the game detects the mod, there are kits sold around the net for verry cheap that come with a chip that will hide the mod from the games. I have been modding my controllers with kits from maddogcontrollers.com and have never had a problem with being kicked. at the moment if you are playing MW2 any mod will do as they are too busy with hackers to worry about modded controlers, but this will change, and you will be kicked from games for using the mod later on.

Thanks, this really helped. I do play MW2. Do you know if you get any kind of warning before you get banned?

you wont get banned in MW2 theres a fire rate for semi-auto weapons
the only warning you may get is there will most likely be an update. you might be able to find out what the update is for by looking online, but I dont think you will have to worry about being banned, they will most likely just drop you from the game, then you just turn off the mod and join a new game.
Alright thanks, I recently paid $50 for 12 months and wanted to take the risk, but now I probably will :)
mp90th5 years ago
kk, i did it this morning and i shoot a pistol its slow i have a faster trigger fingure, also my 50 cal is sweet but the pistols are slow. did i not wire something right? i have all the peices
are you playing cod4 or MW2?
juneapaluna5 years ago
I have the same problem as some. If my batteries are fully charged it doesn't work but if they're about three bars or lower it does. Any solutions?
bonez125 years ago
this mod is so easy my son can do it,  so many questions relating to such an easy task,, no offence to anyone, but if the need to ask questions, maybe its time to bi=ut one out right instead.
umek555 years ago
htlaets5 years ago
 your mod is quicker than mine y
bronhitis5 years ago

Good fellows.

iownuall1235 years ago
In step 2 where you solder it to the LED, instead of soldering it to the top there is a contact where the LED was soldered to the other side of the board, it is a lot easier and it works the same
juneapaluna5 years ago
So if there is Matrix type and PWM, which one do I need?
Chayzo5 years ago
mine is shooting by itself when i put the cord under the led. i am not pushing my button. ideas?
swany34 Chayzo5 years ago
check your solder points, you have a bad solder most likely around the switch
It reached puberty?????
legano Chayzo5 years ago
unfortunatley, you're using an always-open circuit, in which the button will BREAK the circuit when pressed, you've accidently soldered to the wrong prongs on the switch
I would really like to try this mod on my controllers, but I don't want to spend time on doing something that would be pointless for me, because the only game I play is mw2. So without beating around the bush. Is this rapid fire mod consistent with the gameplay of mw2? And I know that waw has a rapid fire detector, do know if mw2 has one?

hi ive been trying this for a while and when i test it, the led turns on but when i try it, i cannot find the contact point... can soome one help me?
i think i over did it, and the led disconnected itself... is there a way to fix this?
Rye21215 years ago
hey guys.. i have the newer version and it doesnt have the crystal on the front. people say its a matrix? anyway, i'd like to mod it without buying a completely new controller. does it matter where the crystal is?

tysm- Rye2121
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
GTA can't be played online
GTA4 can certainly be played online.
then please tell me how...
xbox live on niko's phone it says multiplayer but if u click it it says u need to be on xbox live
Make sure your connected to internet, pull up your cellphone in GTA4 scroll down in the phones menu until you see multiplayer, click it, select your game mode, have fun!
thanks, I'll try this!!
No problem, glad I could help.
cotton5 years ago
 the reason this wroks is the led is always pwming so its turning on and off so fast we cant see it so its like pressing he button realy fas then letting  go and again and again and again so add that information the instructable please :)
t1zzl36 years ago
i have a problem... please help. i did the mod and it works great, but the problem is that it only works with a half dead battery. what could be the problem. i don't know if the switch is rated correctly but i did the math and it checks good. wtf?
have your controller plugged into your 360
Kreten5 years ago
To me this only works if the battery is on 3 bars of power or less any idea how to solve?
plug it in -_- , as in plug your controller into your 360
Glockenator5 years ago
is it a push on push off switch or momentary push switch?
a momentary push switch
gtp10965 years ago
 I have accidentally broken off the led, and now the trigger doesnt work as well as the button, should i start over?
Harmonator5 years ago
I soldered it to the LED thing but the LED thing fell off :-(....any ideas?
ZertZert5 years ago
I just did this and it worked for one private match but now I am having the following problem:
When I turn the 360 on the controller will work for about 5 secs and then the LEDs on the controllers will sequentially light, then all flash for about 15-20 seconds.  Then I can use the controller for 5 more seconds and cycle keeps repeating.
Any ideas?
I figured out that the screw on the top next to the left trigger was putting pressure on my connection and causing it to malfunction.  I removed that screw and now the controller is working perfectly.  I have tested it multiple times since then.  I don't think the loss of accuracy is worth the rapid fire though haha
jm72065 years ago
Tried the mod on two controllers, both with the crystal setup. When I hold the Mod Trigger down, it pulses about the same speed as me pulling the trigger quickly, nothing fabulous. Followed the directions to a T, any Ideas?
 I just got the new cod:mw2 edition box that came with two controllers. I was tryin to do the mod and ran into trouble with the torx in the beginning. they put a special locking torx on them. you can pick up a security torx at your local shucks, or whatever automotive shop you have by you. ran me 10 bucks for a drill bit set, and i just returned em after. hopefully this helps anyone tryin with a newer controller.
thanks i did it and it works perfectly ! now i just need to mod my other 3
porkisgreat5 years ago
I haven't started this mod yet, but by just taking off my battery pack I do not see the BONUS SCREW. Do I have the wrong type of controller for the mod?
Edit: NVM I was skimming and did not notice the remove the sticker part.  Whoops.
Chromatica5 years ago
Any chance for his on a PS3.
Not something as simple as this, but with a 555 timer its extremely possible.
Search Instructables/Google for '555 timer rapidfire' and then just adapt the circuit for your PS3 controller. The way this mod works is it uses the Player 1 Ring of Light indicator to send pulses to the trigger, and as the PS3 doesn't have anything similar on its controllers, it's not as simple as a 1-2-3 step tutorial.
Forgot to mention: Why would you want it? PS3 has no games.
You didn't go their...


Same price
Internet browser
PS Home
No Red Ring
To name a few...

*Not same price
Salty_Dalty6 years ago
Yes it appears all of those switches will work. A litle over prices maybe. I went to my local Radio Shack and they sold them 2 switches for 2 dollars and came in a small baggy. Just make sure you buy ones that are "open". I was about to buy a switch but then i read on the back it said normally closed. If it doesn't say whether its closed or open, its usually open.
thanks mate i was about to buy a closed one
stone235 years ago
look u cant get banned for having modded controllers people just yell at u online but there just jeliuos
i like it
whatdaphhuc6 years ago
the hardest part for me is pic 2, sldering near the D1/D21 button. Please reply with instructional video
instead of soldering near the d1/d21 button you can do what i did and solder it to the ground prong that goes to the left rumbler motor. there is two prongs right above where you plug the motor into the board. you want to solder it to the prong on the right

this dose work but it goes a lot slower. i shoot alot faster with my finger.
mikstr25 years ago
tech_monkee5 years ago
I did this mod saturday and spent like 3 hrs figuring out WHY the button just acted like another button. after having nearly burnt out the diode and even soldered to the alternate point i had nothing. i then soldered it to the RIGHT pin of the rumble motor and still nothing.

here's what i was doing wrong. I WAS USING THE CHARGE N PLAY cable to make sure i would have a constant flow of power while i tested. as a last resort i swapped in a battery and it worked!

so for anyone who has done this mod on the TP3 and knows they wired everything correctly - this might be your problem. switch out the CHARGE N PLAY and put in your battery.

only downside is that this mod is unusable while I'm charging my pack after it dies and I'm still playing.

i don't know if anyone else has had this issue but this resolved it perfectly for me.
I guess this only makes sense since the controller uses the PWM to flash the diode when the battery is dying. it only makes sense that using a constant flow of power from the CHARGE N PLAY would make this useless since you're not diverting enough power when you hit the button.
wish i could edit a comment.
   Oh! and soldering to the rumble motor right pin connector is way SAFER and easier than soldering to the Diode or the alternate diode point.

@ btop
   i'm going to steal one of your images to show everyone the point on the rumble motor connector they can solder too. i can't really say if this affects speed or not. just giving information out.
xtannox6 years ago
can you get banned very easily for using this online
1300519 xtannox6 years ago
Yeah, the first time you do it you'll be banned for a day or two. Happened to a buddy of mine because he was destroying people with a sniper on World at War.
waw has a rapid fire scanner
u mean if u use rapid fire mod u get banned instantly?
gun487 xtannox5 years ago
Not really microsoft licenses companies to make modded contollers just use them in mod permitted games lol like cod4
7hePirate5 years ago
i dont see the crystal in the pic where is it??
Hey guys... need your help please. I have a tp3 controller, with the resistor in the front. I have all the conections the pics show. Before I solder it I wanted I try it... so I twisted together the ends of 24 gauge speaker wire... and held to both possible spots. I get nothing to happen... if I hold other places sometimes it will. Thanks guys!
peblairman5 years ago
Does Radioshack hookup wire work instead?
Raven21295 years ago
some one please help me i did this mod and the switch is acting more like a safety switch then a rapid fire switch
you bought a momentary off switch instead of a momentary on switch.
santy225 years ago
I imagine myself taking out the batt and hearing a DOO DEE DOO sound, and then it says "BONUS!" in bright letters!
N1CK4ND05 years ago
If you find trouble doing this yourself, I know a business the does rapid fire mods. They're Xbox Mod page can be found here: http://epicupgrade.com/Xbox-Repairs-and-Mods.php
pie4905 years ago
thx for the mod I did it and it worked great but starting today it has been going slow. the rate of fire is slower than i can make with my normal finger! I don't know how this happened but any help would be great. and oh yea, the battery had 3 bars when it works and it stopped when i recharged it. (this is for cod 4)
dragonx345 years ago
will 24 wire speaker work
adam725 years ago
i have tried to test the wire before i solder, and have tried two switches, but when i hold the wires to the points, i hit the button and nothing happens. will it just not work unless it is soldered?
adam725 years ago
okay, so i just need to solder the wires to the micro chip thing... but i have been on many different websites and i have seen a different place to soloder. my controller says d21 like this one, so do i solder it to the light, like here? or somewhere else? please help soon!!!
RapidModder5 years ago
Jawa3321456 years ago
how do i know how wide (size) the hole has to be?
on the case to the button, it usually has a width. use a bit with the same width for a perfect fit.
same size as the button
mine says d1 but has same pattern as u say so should i solder it their. does it need to b in front
PLEASE READ have you done this with a wired controller? cause you said it works with both wired and wireless please respond i need to know cause i have looked everywere and couldnt find out how to do this with a wired controller
it just needs a resistor in the middle of the circuit board. duh.
it just needs a resistor in the middle of the circuit board ok what resistor and where?
read UPDATE on the intro
it's the same....
renvette6 years ago
Mine did not work. It just gave me another trigger. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Please email me also: reggie_lars@comcast.net
you have the wrong type of controller
can u use 24 awg speaker wire?please comment back fast i need to know b4 i buy it.
yes 24=-30
RapidModder5 years ago
Does it work for GOW2 either?
janneman235 years ago
i did it for i friend of mine because he not a technical man and it worked!!:D im happy and now i make money with making this for people thnx! around 8/9 bucks:D per modded controller thnx so much
giga6215 years ago
Successfully completed the mod with a TP3 controller. I’ll post the results below. I’m going to see if there is a point on the C15 controller as soon as I borrow “Grump’s” high-end voltage meter. I used a switch that was too big, so I had to remove a rumble pack – bummer. Make sure you get a small switch. Here are the results: 1. When your batteries get low, it starts to shoot in bursts. It is like an early battery failure warning system! 2. Cod5 Results: Immediate mod block online. Works in Zombies but only on semi-automatics and it is not “as” rapid fire. 3. Cod4 Results: Works great with semi-automatics (like the M21 and G3) – crazy good automatic sniper, but the dragonov and beret.50 have such a big recoil that your accuracy goes to crap. 4. Halo 3 Results: Does not appear to work.  I can fire faster manually. 5. Will post more results later!
lordkoopa16 years ago
I was wondering where you got your push button. Did you get it online? If so what is the site.
radio shack, i got the samebuttons as modman779
keonetics5 years ago
hi i need help my button just works as a second trigger what did i do wrong, i was actually sure that i broke it when i accidently spilled solder residue all over the ring of light area, but it turns out everything works, my right analog stick gets jammed in an upper left corner position, but my question is what did i do wrong and how do i fix it
OK, please help. So I followed this and made a perfect one that works fine and all. But then I did a second one the same way and the little thing behind the battery back had the same three letters. but the second one doesn't work. Anyone got any reasons? I already checked the solder. Its connected and all.
dnhorst116 years ago
there is no metal spot to solder below the player one led. i tried anyway but the solder will just harden, but not adhere. any advice?
your not soldering right, look at some videos to see, also you solder it to the negative side of player 1 led. you dont put the solder on your iron and rub it onto the board, it wont make a strong joint, you have to heat up what your soldering and your surface too, then put solder on it, never touch the iron.
for the torx do i HAVE to have security hole thing
I attempeted this mod the best i could, but im afraid that the wire i used was too small. Could that cause it not to bypass the triger properly?
hajahaya5 years ago
Thank you so much for putting this on here!!!!! I did it today and it works wonders :p I won every game I played on cod 4 muahahaha
hawkzero115 years ago
mine wont work at all
xfile1026 years ago
what if I want a Different Button to be rapid Fire, Not the Trigger? I want to add another Switch to make the "A" button Rapid Fire. Where would I solder to?
savvypig6 years ago
the "crystal thingy" on mine broke off and now it wont sauder back please help
So I found another rapid fire mod: http://www.hackingfever.com/x360rfmod.html and on that one it says that if your controller says D21, as mine does and the one in this mod does, that you need to solder the one end in a small hole underneath R21 and not right up against the D21 LED. I don't know if US vs GB matters or not, I'm in the US, but I'd like to know where to solder for sure before I attempt to not ruin my controller lol. For the record they both say to solder on the middle pin on the right side, but conflict where the one more in the middle of the controller should go. Thanks
that hole under the r21 is connected to the point by the d21 so you can use either one. The hole under the r21 is allot harder to do though.
Arg..thats confused me now..i dont know which one to solder to now..Fck...
can the wire be a 22 gauge
KevinEdgar6 years ago
I don't have that capacitor on the front that you have on your controller. Will mine still work, its on the back of my controller?
srry mate, it needs 2 b on the front =(
I finished this project a while ago. I used my aunties older model controller motherboard. But thanks anyways.
Now my xbox 360 controller won't turn on at all. There goes a $30.00 controller
tylito6 years ago
instead of pulling apart your controller to look for a resistor just make sure ur controller is a tp3 and if you dont no wht im talking about you shouldnt even attempt this mod lol
Ive made my controller and it works but i have to hold the button to make it stop and let it go to use rapid fire. why is this happening?
its because ur push button has a closed circuit witch mean the electric will flow when its not pushed but when pushed the current will stop. fins a button with a open circuit and when you push it down it will let the current threw
you have a normally closed switch. it connects when not pressed but disconnects when pressed
Okay, I did this mod and it works, But it only fires when you release the button.Why is it doing this?
I used the exact same switch as in this instructable.
Cod4 Freak6 years ago
Hey i just wanted to say where could i get some soldering equipment from?
Anywhere. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, KMart, Radio Shack, Frys.
i don't think walmart has anything fry's and radio shack is prbably the best places but online is even better
Bill.6 years ago
I don't know where to find the type of controller i have, Its the control that came with my xbox about a year and a half ago. It does have a crystal though, but it is on the back of the circuit board, will it work?
Buddy, test it. Open up your xbox, solder two wires to each side of your switch and then start testing. Just put one end of the wire on the LED and one end on the middle connection and press the button. If it don't work try different things. Thats what i did, don't solder the wires tell you are ready, i made that mistake a couple of times.
Redskins6 years ago
When u solder wire # 2 to d21 does it matter what part of it u solder to
But beware, if several ppl report u for the same thing, (moded controller) u can lose ur xbox live account. So, use it sparingly, that, and u don't wunt to be a mod nooblet and get hate messages ALL THE TIME AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME! But, idc.
An Villain6 years ago
Also my rapid fire works on private but not on public on cod 5 but my friends does. Why is this happening?
they have fix it so you cart us mod's you can still us your mod on cod 4
You can't use it on CoD5. And you got a normally closed switch. It has to be a normally opened switch.
goldching6 years ago
I just completed this and I must say- IT WORKS PERFECTLY! Be for-warned, this is a difficult and delicate project, and soldering knowledge is required as the parts are very small. THIS WORKS ON THE WIRELESS CONTROLLER THAT COMES WITH XBOX360s IN THE USA! If anyone has any questions, you can message me.
corte_46 years ago
TO BTOP: my email is: mariocalduch@hotmail.com My Xbox 360 Controller has not the same panel than yours, has not the D21 point you use. Write me an e-mail and I'll send you a pic of my panel, may be you can help me to find the point to sold. Thanks a lot.
crash2976 years ago
hey i have wats called the new cg 360 controller and i want to do what you have done with the spst momentary switch but ive been told that with my controller i have to solder it somewere else instead of the LED can you help me?
cheaters...learn to play with skill.
mechica6 years ago
hey wat else can i use instead of a solder plz help
garrith6 years ago
i have the same buttons they work great and there cheap
chuntito246 years ago
a little nerve wracking doing such delicate work but still the awesomest mod
Jay87686 years ago
i modded my controller a little differently, it works perfectly but the only problem is that it only works if i am signed off my xbox live account. but when my friend uses it on his live account it works perfectly. can anyone tell me what the problem is? plz
invert0186 years ago
is there any way where you don't have to drill a hole?
At first use a small drill bit then move up to the next size until you have a perfect fit, I did and the hole was a perfect circle and just the right size for my push button!
I don't think so. If worse comes to worse, you can always fill the hole with some Bondo and paint it.
I would use a small drill bit to be safest
yeah dude what I did to be safer and more precise was I used a soldering iron and made a small hole about the size of the tip of your pinkie and bored it out with a small knife the whole was a perfect circle
Bihgdadde6 years ago
I just completed a mod with my TP3 controller and it works fine!
Bihgdadde6 years ago
Does this work with Elite C15 controllers?
alfpwns6 years ago
i can almost do that with my finger!!!!!

no lie
so my controller is wired properly but when i press the rapid fire switch i have no rapid fire and it fires only when i hold down the r trigger and only when the switch is moving up not down..... i have normally open 275 1547 momentary push buttons... wrong button maybe?
mtndfvr6 years ago
Can a c15 be modded?
tempmafia6 years ago
do you need a resistor anyone answer PLEASE!
hey i am still unsure about this step. do you NEED a resstor or NOT. any help would be appreciated.
jimmy dean6 years ago
Will this only work if you are player 1?
not necessarily; you could wire ti to any of the other leads and get the same result. just have 4 controllers and label each one for the player is has to be used as.
BL1NDED6 years ago
I just modded three... two today and one a month ago. Mine work perfectly. I didn’t use a resistor, and all three are from the US. Just for all you out there about to this mod, all that resistor and non US controller stuff is all garbage. My only advice is that you shouldn’t use a braided wire (a wire that is made of a bunch of tiny wire twisted together) if you don’t have to. Try to use a solid one. They solder a lot smoother and better. You can’t do much about the COD 5 patch but if you really want a good rapid fire mod cheap, then check out the “3-mode rapid fire mod with COD 5 compatibility” on consolecustoms.net. It’s do-it-yourself and comes with good instructions. They sell the kits for it on eBay for about $20. Way worth it!!! I bought it.
marc5556 years ago
tefftb6 years ago
does anyone know the value of the r21 resistor?
Night Hawk6 years ago
hey i did pretty mch what the pictures show me, and im good at soldering but it doesnt seem to work, unless im soldering a wire to the wrong crystal. by the way i live in the US and i dont think that the controllers are any different
Controllers in the US are printed differently, and do not work, buy the GLB package and fiddle with that one, this is a GB only mod!
youre wrong! (lol) today i modded two controllers and i live in the US and they both shoot beautifully.
you6 years ago
it doesn't really rapid fire for me, i did everything correctly and i have the correct board it kinda shoots faster, but not much i think it's my controller battery maybe?
getnoscoped6 years ago
after trying to solder the wire to the first player LED i accidentally broke off the LED, i then tried testing it ( got two wires and connected them to the two points) and it still works.
you dont need the led
that sucks time to do a led mod
Hey i attempted this mod and i did what appeared to be everything right but all i could get was an additional trigger no rapid fire. i have the controller with the crystal so its not that and i tried again except instead of soldering the wire to the led i soldered it to the rumble part. this worked for a few minutes but then it went back to just being a trigger. Whats happening? do i need a certain type of wire to use cause i used a copper wire that is made up of many smaller copper wires.
habzbah6 years ago
is the negative part of player one led the hole on the white thing opposite from where it says d21?
ReCreate6 years ago
Ha neat,You could Probably use a 555 and a transistor for faster pulses on maybe other type of controllers.
warkid106 years ago
if it acts as another shooting button with no pulses means your using the wrong kind of controller
roastprof6 years ago
does anyone know the date the 'new' controller was introduce so i can buy an older one on ebay or somewhere? thanks
Is this a switch?
IMG_2474[1](3072x2304) 1 MB
IMG_2476[1](3072x2304) 1 MB
yes, that looks like a switch. but kinda hard to mount in a 360 controler.
the vbs6 years ago
i did all this but the opposite happens, when i push the red button it stops shooting and when the button is not pushed it randomly rapid fires? HELP!!!
FL1PPY the vbs6 years ago
You have the wrong button. Theres 2 kind, normally closed and normally open. (or something)
they are called 'push to make' (normally open) and 'push to break (normally closed). push to makes are generally red while push to breaks are usually black.
im no genious but you probably soldered the wires opposite try switching them.
i did...
it doesnt matter if it says d21 or d1 u can solder to the led if u have d21 i did and mine works great
mushroom1236 years ago
hey people, if its to hard connecting the wire with the LED powersupply just do it on the backside, it worked very well eventhough i'm using a "wire-controller" :) thnx for the good and very easy to build instruction! 2 thumbs up
whatdaphhuc6 years ago
Hey can u please reply with a video on how to solder? i Really have a hard time soldering on the D1/D21 button. please reply or if u know someone who has a video on soldering.
Thanks! Made my mod tonight. It works fantastically, just that I accidentally used normally closed switches, so I'm going to buy normally opened switches tomorrow. :)
killjoy1116 years ago
how do i tell the new controller apart from the old? i have the little metal box thing, but its on the backside of the circuit board, is it the same thing?
neardood6 years ago
hey how did you put the line through the word "deface"
btop (author)  neardood6 years ago
Errrm its on an instructable somewhere you use ' somehow.
Two gives you this
But no its not them it is tide marks ~ :)
btop (author)  btop6 years ago
Damn ~~Deface~~ Two tide marks!
~Deface~ improve i bet this doesn't work
it works u just put 2 squiggles in front and it makes ~~this.
~~say what?~~
~~I wanna try!
~~I still don't get how to do it. what do you do again?~~
warhound btop6 years ago
i think you mean tildé marks
Okay, I suck so bad at soldering that I burned the first LED out. Can I use 2, 3, or 4?
tank1106 years ago
hey i got a question i just modded my controller (works great) but what games does it work for to make the guns shoot alot faster then they should
all the call of dutys and gears and halo all first person shooters .
gears isnt first person..
It's a third person view.. But you only control one character, and one character only... That's the point.
i use it on cod4... thats bout it idk if it works for others
Goschi106 years ago
what do u mean by crystal and also where do u get ide wire and do u have to hav ide?
The crystal is that little metal piece/box thingy
ryanarand6 years ago
can you put a pic of the whole board with both solders on it so we can see exactly were there at
skenney6 years ago
Jeesh I bought a 360 to get away from all the no skill players who use hacks and mods on all my favorite p.c. games....Great to know theres never a shortage of no skill cheats on every platform.To all you rapid fire no skill players "YOU SUCK"
i built this and i only use it for campaign on cod 4 and halo3, so it's not really cheating if you're only fighting A.I and offline at that. also to the person that made this instructible I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MUTILATED YOUR WONDERFUL HALO 3 CONTROLLER! :'(
kanamin skenney6 years ago
"get away from all the no skill players" when I played cod waw on xbox it had autoaim
reedmiller6 years ago
Ok, I tried this, and the given part number is wrong. The 275-1548 is for a pack of normally closed switches. This gave me the problem that I had to hold the switch for it NOT to fire. And it was a mess on the home screen too. The right part number is 275-1547, which is a pack of normally open switches. Hope this helps some people out.
fortneja6 years ago
"Make sure all rubbers are on correctly!" -That's what she said.
btop (author)  fortneja6 years ago
psych0tic6 years ago
Hey, Great Tutorial! I was wondering if anybody can tell me if i can just attach my button to a battery, INSTEAD of the negative wire of the player 1 LED. Please respond as soon as possible and thanks in advance!
Sorry for the double post. But i answered my own question..this will not work unless you buy a microchip programmed to send the electricity in pulses, which is what the LED does.
Does this mod work with ALL games: Original Xbox, halo, call of duty, etc.?
yes it should work, Except for CoD 5 WaW because of a new patch, i do believe this mod works in Nazi Zombies though.
Is this like really,really simple? Never ever soldered before in my life and planning on buying a soldering iron just to give this a go .How powerful does the soldering iron need to be? will 25 watt be enough. Thanks in advance. Planning on doing this for me and some friends
jpowers14946 years ago
okay im from the United States, will this mod work on my controller? and where do i get a button switch?
you can find the switch at a local radioshack just ask for em
~~cool ~~works ~~good ~~fires ~~fast ~~o ~~no ~~too ~~fast ~~out ~~of ~~ammo ~~:( this mod stinks ~~JK
Buzzsushi6 years ago
the switches are momentary pushbutton radioshack part #s if u need them Model: 275-1548 Catalog #: 275-1548
what happens if the light comes off
amaurer1426 years ago
i cant get my mod to work. ive tried everything! i followed your instructions to the T and i still cant get it to work what else could i do??
fireFEIND676 years ago
can i make it shoot slower?
RandomHero6 years ago
what do you mean not too hot? like turn the soldering gun off and heat it up so it doesnt get to hot or what?
What gauge cable did u use? 25 gage?
try 22 guage
coco9112316 years ago
i did the steps and the button just acts as another fire button
wat happened
Fizzlewinks6 years ago
Will this work for wired controllers or only wireless? I noticed my wired doesn't have those annoying T8 screws, rather it has normal screws. Since it's easier to dismantle I'd rather use that one rather than buy the screwdriver you mentioned.
nemisent6 years ago
i have modded one of my controllers and putting the second wire in the second hole below R21 works just as well. But... if you use + (positive) and - (negative) wire, does that mess with the mod a bit , such as cause it to shoot without the button, or what?
ipaq696 years ago
Just did this mod works great hardest part is getting the controller open. I had to remove one of the vibrating motors though to get switch to comfortably fit. Thanks
slimguy3796 years ago
since thisnod is for the right (in halo weapon) the left trigger is grenade. now would the same action apply if you have the mod in the middle solder point on the left? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQX_quTK3Z0 guys have done a rapid fire mod on the left but they use a a 555 timer. im jc to see if you could do the instant sticky mod with out the mod chi?
hornbadoing6 years ago
can you make it so theirs a toggle switch on the back and it rapid fires when you pull the trigger when the toggle is on
NateD6 years ago
please help! i modded it with the right kind of switch and everything, my soldering is fine, and when the controllers off, the green light shows up when i push the button. BUT the rapid fire only works occasionally, and it keeps making my controller disconnect and do the light blinking like it isnt connected. i checked and i know i have the right type of controller
Ashin NateD6 years ago
Try to replace the batteries.
I tried this and my controller connects then it instantly disconnects. How do I fix it?
so, do you just solder the wire to the side of the LED there's no real special spot?
it wont workk iif you dont have the resiistor in the front of your controller the resiistor cann be found iin step 5 ..the second piicture... and towards the bottom riight
hey just wonderin was it cod 4 in the vid thanx
riles1236 years ago
how do you take the wire off of you screw up
modman7796 years ago
i went to radioshack today and got a small pack with 4 momentary pushbuttons(2 black ones and 2 red ones). The price is great only costing around $4.00
mattlam6 years ago
i made a controller (modded) with LED's in the buttons and i have burst fire i have a instructions for this email me at Matt_paradis_23@hotmail.com
slimguy3796 years ago
if theres already a 3v, on the board. straight from the battery pack why cant you just solder on that solder point for the 3v, instead of solderin on the led? just seams as though your getting the 3v, just from somewhere else. does this matter? the 3v solder point is bigger and therefore easier to solder than the tiny, micro led + point. just wondering fore i do this for friends and an answer to this question would make my life oooh so much easier. plus if i screw up and use 30w instead of the recommended 15w on the led i am less likely to screw it up, fore i would well rather use the battery 3v.
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?