Step 2: Dismantle

Picture of Dismantle
Taking the battery out reveals another screw, its underneath the barcode sticker.

There are 7 screws to remove, so grab that Torx driver and twist! (Anti -Clock-wise)

With the buttons facing DOWN , separate the two halves carefully, paying attention to the motors.
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NeverToFall3 years ago
Hey, I was just wondering what button you got? I have a few SPST momentary N.O. buttons, and I was wondering if they would work. Thanks.
zeon4 years ago
poor halo controller...*single tear rolls down cheek* he never saw it coming
usbmod4 years ago
ur poor halo odst controller lol
porkisgreat4 years ago
I haven't started this mod yet, but by just taking off my battery pack I do not see the BONUS SCREW. Do I have the wrong type of controller for the mod?
janneman235 years ago
i did it for i friend of mine because he not a technical man and it worked!!:D im happy and now i make money with making this for people thnx! around 8/9 bucks:D per modded controller thnx so much
for the torx do i HAVE to have security hole thing
amaurer1425 years ago
i cant get my mod to work. ive tried everything! i followed your instructions to the T and i still cant get it to work what else could i do??