Step 4: Switchin

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Put the switch in your new hole. Make sure that you orient the pins so that they are not getting bent or squashed when the controller is back together. I had to remove some of the motor holder to fit my switch in.

Ok i did it it works for cod4 and mw2 fal and g3 are a bit glitchy handguns are perfect in both games. Barret50 and wa2000 are great. Blackops does work but only the handguns. Halo reach i think only plasma pistol. This is very tricky to get to the led it is best is a person holds wire to led and another solders it, but otherwise it is a great somewhat simple mod
stirlo14 years ago
i have a question with the 2 wires connecting to the button is that just 2 wires soldered to the one spot or the 1 wire?
usbmod5 years ago
everyone b careful if u have a chat pad, leave enough space for the led to fit as well as the pad
RapidModder6 years ago
Yea...um does this work with Halo 3?
Hi, I got the some buttons as modman779. The problem I am having is that i do not have to push the button for it to start working. Also if i am using a automatic gun in COD4 i cannot get it to stop shooting any suggestions???
 Look on the back of the bag of buttons,  you want the ones that say  " normally closed,  not the ones that say "  normally open""  they look identical but work completely opposite, same thing happened to me :D  good luck.
t1zzl36 years ago
i have a problem... please help. i did the mod and it works great, but the problem is that it only works with a half dead battery. what could be the problem. i don't know if the switch is rated correctly but i did the math and it checks good. wtf?
have your controller plugged into your 360
Kreten6 years ago
To me this only works if the battery is on 3 bars of power or less any idea how to solve?
plug it in -_- , as in plug your controller into your 360
lordkoopa16 years ago
I was wondering where you got your push button. Did you get it online? If so what is the site.
radio shack, i got the samebuttons as modman779
dnhorst116 years ago
there is no metal spot to solder below the player one led. i tried anyway but the solder will just harden, but not adhere. any advice?
garrith6 years ago
i have the same buttons they work great and there cheap
modman7796 years ago
i went to radioshack today and got a small pack with 4 momentary pushbuttons(2 black ones and 2 red ones). The price is great only costing around $4.00
mattlam6 years ago
i made a controller (modded) with LED's in the buttons and i have burst fire i have a instructions for this email me at Matt_paradis_23@hotmail.com
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
ASUROCKS8886 years ago
can anyone suggest the best type (company, model, etc.) of switch button to use?
zacko6 years ago
does anyone no were to buy the riped fire
laxman4076 years ago
the mod works for cod 4 but not cod5, does anyone know why?
laxman4076 years ago
I did all the soldering correctly because my controller turned back on the rapid fire worked for a split second but now when i hold the button it automaticaly fires but it fires really slow. Did i make a mistake?
I think i may have made a mistake, I picked up a normally CLOSED momentary switch and didn't figure it out until after I had finished and had an awful confusing test..... learn from my mistake and read labels