Step 5: Soldering Time

Heat up the soldering iron, not too hot or else it might break some components.

Point one and two are in pictures 2 and 3 respectively.
An final overview is in picture 4.
5 and 6 show the switch.
7 shows what happens when your iron is too hot and you take too long to make a joint.

Make sure wiring runs stay clear of the black button pads, analogue stick movement and screw holes.

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ShortbusX4 years ago
IMO it really is simpler to solder the second wire to the right rumble pin. I couldn't get my mod to work with the led soldering spot, but the rumble pin worked like a charm :O

What do you mean rumble pin?

itzandy3 years ago
lol you melted your controller in pic 7
TheRealNuge3 years ago
Hey guys Ineed your help. What do you solder the wire to when you solder the wire by D21? All I have is a LED Light. Is that what I Solder it to?
ok so the torx screws in the controller shown r different than the ones in mine. mine r the security screws with a pin in the middle. anyone know where i can get a security screwdriver small enough?
I think you really don't need the momentary button, the button acts like an on/off switch. If you solder the two spots together with a piece think wire long enough to reach both points i think it'll still work and you won't need to buy the momentary button and drilling a hole on your controllers frame. But if you dont buy a button the controller will shoot only rapid fire all the time unless you de-solder the wire and put new ones connecting to the push button.
jrash4 years ago
Does it work on a wired controller?
mstrpth6 years ago
WOW!! i'm an electronic engineer and some of you are killing me. some things that i thought were completely basic you guys don't know. 'where do i buy the switch'!! are you kidding me, use your head! 'does the color of the controller matter' c'mon.. if you are asking these kind of questions please get on ebay and buy a controller. you're just going to hurt yourself and probably burn your parants house down!
the color of the controller matters only if you can't find a red button...shhh they might fall for this.
blindpyro4 years ago
Don't get me wrong, well made instruct, your biggest problem is the so called "good old gas". My weller 35 watt is overkill but I use it soo much that I can make due. For what you are doing, get yourself a 15 watt wired iron. Also I had a question for you, did you tin any of your wires?
do you have to weld the wires to the pins on the switch or what because im confused
a7xcoreya7z5 years ago
Became member just to comment, when i touch a wire on the middle thingy sticking up it shoots and disconnects controller, this is with a switch tho like on/off im geting a button later ill try with it and then post on here if it works.
you have a DPST i think is the right alphabet soup, it means the button can be "on" wither pushed, or not pushed. the center will be your power in, and the one side is the out. check this BEFORE you solder next time. all you need is a battery, a light/motor/buzzer, and some wire. then connect one end fo your ciruit to the center pin, and try one of the outer pins. if it turns on when it is depressed, GOOD JOB! if not, use the other pin
The controller should be turned off when soldering the wires.
DrWeird1175 years ago
If I take out the rumble motors, will the mod still work? And be safe to use?
btop (author)  DrWeird1175 years ago
If you were to just unplug them from the circuit board i see no reason why it wouldnt work.
I'm about to do this mod for my controller.. and I want to be absolutely sure where exactly to solder onto the LED. Do I solder it on the LED itself, but on the very bottom left of it? Do I solder it into the hole below the LED 1? If it's in the hole, how in the world will I solder it into there? I'm really confused. Some help would be awesome! (pictures, links, detailed description?) Thank you so much!!
austincox5 years ago
ok wtf i followed all you instructions and soldered to the led and the middle point but it doesn't work and now i cant even use the middle button and none off the leds come on HELP me
I don't know 100% is this works, but I saw the rapid fire mod done with different solder points.  If you look at the third picture I can probably describe what I saw.  The three point solder point (the one that is soldered to the one in the middle of the three vertical) is good, but I saw the other wire was soldered to the point on the right of the two horizontal below the 3 vertical on that third picture.  
So solder.... O
And then solder below that...
            O O
That way, the wires don't interfere with the LED.  That will probably work.
An Villain5 years ago
judster5 years ago
ok ive followed everything to the tee. ive soldered to the correct places. what is happening now is: when the button i installed is pushed by itself, it does nothing. however when i press and hold the RT button then press the button i installed, it will shoot on the release of the installed button...so what did i do wrong?
the soldering point for the d21 doesn't work for me it keeps setting it off without me touching it. Any ideas

iownuall1235 years ago
In step 2 where you solder it to the LED, instead of soldering it to the top there is a contact where the LED was soldered to the other side of the board, it is a lot easier and it works the same
Chayzo6 years ago
mine is shooting by itself when i put the cord under the led. i am not pushing my button. ideas?
legano Chayzo5 years ago
unfortunatley, you're using an always-open circuit, in which the button will BREAK the circuit when pressed, you've accidently soldered to the wrong prongs on the switch
adam726 years ago
i have tried to test the wire before i solder, and have tried two switches, but when i hold the wires to the points, i hit the button and nothing happens. will it just not work unless it is soldered?
mine says d1 but has same pattern as u say so should i solder it their. does it need to b in front
renvette6 years ago
Mine did not work. It just gave me another trigger. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Please email me also: reggie_lars@comcast.net
you have the wrong type of controller
RapidModder6 years ago
Does it work for GOW2 either?
I attempeted this mod the best i could, but im afraid that the wire i used was too small. Could that cause it not to bypass the triger properly?
So I found another rapid fire mod: http://www.hackingfever.com/x360rfmod.html and on that one it says that if your controller says D21, as mine does and the one in this mod does, that you need to solder the one end in a small hole underneath R21 and not right up against the D21 LED. I don't know if US vs GB matters or not, I'm in the US, but I'd like to know where to solder for sure before I attempt to not ruin my controller lol. For the record they both say to solder on the middle pin on the right side, but conflict where the one more in the middle of the controller should go. Thanks
that hole under the r21 is connected to the point by the d21 so you can use either one. The hole under the r21 is allot harder to do though.
Arg..thats confused me now..i dont know which one to solder to now..Fck...
KevinEdgar6 years ago
I don't have that capacitor on the front that you have on your controller. Will mine still work, its on the back of my controller?
srry mate, it needs 2 b on the front =(
I finished this project a while ago. I used my aunties older model controller motherboard. But thanks anyways.
tylito6 years ago
instead of pulling apart your controller to look for a resistor just make sure ur controller is a tp3 and if you dont no wht im talking about you shouldnt even attempt this mod lol
An Villain6 years ago
corte_46 years ago
TO BTOP: my email is: mariocalduch@hotmail.com My Xbox 360 Controller has not the same panel than yours, has not the D21 point you use. Write me an e-mail and I'll send you a pic of my panel, may be you can help me to find the point to sold. Thanks a lot.
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