Step 6: Put It All Back

Picture of Put It All Back

Are the switch pins going to make contact with anything on the other half of the controller when reassembled?

Are all of the wires free from places of movement or screw holes?

Are the solder joints correct and not dry?

Are all of the annoying black pieces of the controller back on their positioning pins?

Has your soldering iron made suitably sized black marks on your window ledge?

Four out of five is good enough to continue.

For a quick test, replace the battery and depress your switch all the way. If the player one led lights up very dimly, then the mod worked!

Now try putting it back together without breaking anything.

redneck20233 years ago
I know this is an old post but i was wondering if anyone could help me... i did everything right and the trigger still works but the rapidfire button acts as a secondaey trigger and not rapid at all... what did i do wrong? it worked perfect before i soldered everything down
jufreese4 years ago
If your reg trigger doesn't work you could of pulled the solder pad away from the trace on the circuit board....to fix this you need to scrape away some of the green mask on the board and solder a wire to that and then to the leads poking through.
lofty16 years ago
they say if you have eveything connected you should place your batterys and stuff and you should get a dim light out of your LEDS. i have that but it seems not to work. niether my reg. trigger works nor my rapid. PLEASE HELP ME
mine has that problem too. exept i dont even have a dim light
Yeah I had the same problem. take the mod off. it won't work for that controller. It did this to my BLACK ELITE controller. (It doesn't work for these type of controllers due to the TP2 and/or resistor on it or something). To get the normal trigger to work again I pushed in the white slot where the rumble pack goes because directly behind it are the soldering points for the trigger. When taking the rumble pack out it slightly disconnected it so simply push it back onto the controller for a tighter fit.
bmx__chris5 years ago
Nahh I didn't do it wrong the wire pull my led off.
bmx__chris5 years ago
my controller broke on this mod
Yor doin' it wrong.
jdb430k5 years ago
Hey my right trigger just stopped working all together anyway to fix it?>
hawkzero116 years ago
mine wont work at all
fortneja6 years ago
"Make sure all rubbers are on correctly!" -That's what she said.
xfirelordx6 years ago
Hi, so does the color of the controller matter at all? I have a black and a white. And what is better the older controller or a newer one?
i put my d-pad rubbers on upside down when i first did mine lol