Every red-blooded gamer knows at least some portion of the Donkey Kong legacy! This great ape is one of the most iconic characters in all of video-game-dom! I was first introduced to DK on the Super Nintendo. I would watch my older brother and sister play Donkey Kong Country all the time, and while I did my best to emulate them I was never quite as skilled. I never got very far in any of the DK games, but what I enjoyed about the games wasn't the challenge of the levels or the feeling of accomplishment after defeating a boss, what I always played for was the scenery and design of the levels. Jungles, ancient temples, pirate ships, volcanoes, beaches, tunnels, mine shafts, anywhere the DK clan went was some place totally unlike anything my little single-digit-aged brain had seen and those were the only places I wanted to be (you can only imagine what happened after I saw the first three Indiana Jones movies).

The original concept of this jello shot came to me as I was planning to attend a wrap party for a tropical themed musical my friends had been working on. I wanted to bring them something fun for the party so I whipped up this idea with some input from my ever-so creative girlfriend. I hope you all go as coconuts for it as we did!

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools


  • 99 Bananas (1/3 Cup)
  • Kahlua (1/2 Cup)
  • Unsweetened Coconut Milk (1/4 Cup)
  • Cold or room temperature Water (1/4 Cup)
  • Knox Unflavored Gelatin (2 packets)
  • Hot Water (2 Cups)
  • (Optional) Sweetened coconut flakes (1/4 Cup, Lightly Toasted)


  • Liquid Measuring Cup (Size: 1-Cup)
  • Liquid Measuring Cup (Size: 4-Cups)
  • Shot Glasses or jello shot cups
  • Large Stirring Spoon
  • A refrigerator for cooling
  • (Optional) A small pan or toaster oven for toasting coconut flakes.

Serving Size

  • Makes 14 Jello Shots
<p>Fun shots!<br></p>
<p>Sounds super tasty! :D</p>

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