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This sculpture is of a robot pushing a button on a sign that says "Don't Push." I used the lost wax technique of bronze casting which I made during a bronze casting class.

The metal portion of the sculpture is made of 2 cast parts welded together: the robot and the sign. Originally, they were one part, however, when I broke open the mold, I found that only the base came out. I re-sculpted and recast the robot during the second pour. After chasing and cleaning both the robot and base using wire brushes (which wore out quickly), I got help welding the feet of the robot to the base.

I added a light liver of sulfur patina on the sculpture to change the color. If I remember correctly, a patina is a chemical that causes a controlled oxidation of metal to color and prevent the metal from oxidizing in an unwanted fashion.

I am quite pleased with the result, considering this was the first time I did bronze casting.
I will try to post some more photos of this piece when I find them.

Some people have asked me if this is an allegorical sculpture, but I assure you it isn't, as Al Gore has nothing to do with it.


nerd12 (author)2011-09-17

where did you get bronze casting class???
if there is a metalworking class sign me up!

robotguy4 (author)nerd122012-02-03

It was part of the outreach program at the nearby community college.

ladycroft108 (author)2011-04-20

so cool!

robotguy4 (author)ladycroft1082011-04-22


Kaptain Kool (author)2011-04-10

This is really cool!

robotguy4 (author)Kaptain Kool2011-04-16

Thank you!

Don't forget to rate (if you want to, that is)!

Kaptain Kool (author)robotguy42011-04-18

Thanks, I rated it 5*

Kiteman (author)2011-04-10

I'd love to see a step-by-step of how you made this, from sculpting, through casting to patination.

robotguy4 (author)Kiteman2011-04-14

I'm not sure I have enough photos to do it. I'm going to have to dig around a bit. I don't like Instructables that just describe a process. I like to see the process as well.

I was thinking of doing a series with these robots, but that would have to happen next year.

Kiteman (author)robotguy42011-04-15

You could visit the foundry and take photos of other people doing the same thing, to fill in the gaps?

robotguy4 (author)Kiteman2011-04-16

Actually, I probably have some photos of other people doing their bronze work.

I'll see what I can do.

demonfox (author)Kiteman2011-04-10

I second this, maybe some sort of- dare I say it- Instructable?

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