Introduction: Don't Throw Away Old Tooth Brush

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The life of tooth brush is till we start feeling uncomfortable with its use. Many a times we get free tooth brush along with toothpastes and in travel kits by airlines. These are 'use and throw' type, but, create a non degradable plastic waste. Here are some ideas where we can use the brush for alternative purposes.

Step 1: Examples

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Some of the applications which I have tried are given as examples and also shown in the pictures.

1. Applicator for hair dye or hair tonic

2. Applicator for oil or egg during making of bakery products

3. Manually cleaning small gaps of the window grills/ mosquito curtains

4. Cleaning and polishing ornaments, silver or copper/brass articles

5. Cleaning the corners and borders of the bathroom

6. Cleaning the combs and hair brush

7. Handling strong liquids

8. Cleaning the key board of desktop computer

9. Fabric painting, applying glue to paper/cloth

10. Scrub for cleaning the cracked areas of feet.


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